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  1. souliog

    Hi-Point Trailer

  2. My vote is enclosed trailer if you can store it at home...Motovan if your sub has trailer restrictions.
  3. https://vermont.craigslist.org/mpo/6523391105.html Rare Hi-Point...heated indoor stored trailer with only 1500 miles on it....
  4. IMO...GM’s 5.3 liter V8 is the ultimate balance of power and fuel economy along with phenomenal durability.
  5. Nice van...6.0 is a bit thirsty but the extra power is nice to have. I’d recommend regular highway tires. Most all terrain tires get considerably worse gas mileage. Plus vans with limited slip rear diffs are pretty sure footed.
  6. souliog

    need advice from honda user / fan !?

    I love my 2013 Honda over my last bike. (2006 YZ450) 2013 needs help in motor department. Sloowww. PSF1 air forks are awesome along with chassis. I hate the efi flameouts.
  7. souliog

    17 crf450

    Manual specs 15 hrs so I change oils every 10...Amsoil 10w40. I don't have time for bike maintenance so I'm not doing it every1-2 hours anymore. Excellent oil less often works for me. I find the amsoil holds up better in the trans vs gear saver.
  8. souliog

    2013 Honda CRF450R Header/Cylinder Head VS. 2015 CRF450R

    easy swap....you'll just need to get a 15 header of course.
  9. My moto buddy and I have been trading between my 2013 and his 2006. We've been trail riding , sand mx track and a standard mx track. 2013 is bone stock except for 13.5 piston and porting. 2006 is all stock with a fresh top-end. 2013 is hands down better...suspension is good on the 2006 but totally inferior in all other aspects. Again, the 2013 needs porting to be competitive. The powerband is way to narrow stock. Needless to say my buddy was going to ride his for another year but now he has to get a new one.
  10. souliog

    Suggested general purpose tire.

    That tire is a pile...horrible in the turns and ruts.
  11. souliog

    local 15 450 shootout today. My opinion.

    Since all 4 use Nissin, isn't it just varying degrees of sucking?
  12. souliog

    local 15 450 shootout today. My opinion.

    Nice report...You can see were the newly designed bikes are rising to the top. I'm sure the new KTM would be up there too.
  13. souliog

    Suggested general purpose tire.

    Hard rubber compound...a great "practice" tire that lasts forever with decent traction. Also a great choice if you ride with a lot of rocks. I personally like the Intermediate terrain dunlops and bridgestones...bridgestones last longer.
  14. what about the fmf powercore single?
  15. if I want to go nuts I'll add cam and exhaust. but I'm happy now so no need. I was after more topend and got it. I may still go yosh exhaust since I need to spend 250 on end caps for sparkys anyways.