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  1. MrSpeed636

    Just a little tip

    Great bit of advice, personally i think that body position is the most important thing, but it can only take you so far. From there you need a carfully planned setup to get everything out of your bike. But it all begins with good body position.
  2. MrSpeed636

    Supercross Blooper

    Do you think he learned his lesson???
  3. MrSpeed636

    you be the judge

    Holy crap, that is the coolest winter toy I have ever seen!
  4. MrSpeed636

    More idiots on 4 wheels...

    What does it take for someone to be so bored that they decide that this would be a good idea? I am truly perplexed...
  5. MrSpeed636

    I need a new subframe

    Hey man, I just bought http://www.motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|33827|87493&id=101482 and it works. about half the price of stock, but not quite the perfect fit. One of the numberplate holes stripped out, but that is a quick and easy fix. In my opinion its worth the savings over the stock unit. Once its on, it felt just like the stock one before i bent it
  6. MrSpeed636

    05 CRF250R Sub Frame HELP!!

    Thanks for the feed back! I think I am going to order one, cuz I dont have the cash for the stock replacement!
  7. MrSpeed636

    05 CRF250R Sub Frame HELP!!

    Hey guys, I was out riding this weekend and guess what, I busted my ass, and I bent my sub frame. I was curious if anybody has tried the following product. It cost half what the stock one cost, and claims to be stonger and lighter. so if any one has any input, please let me know! Thanks! http://www.motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|33827|87493&id=101482
  8. MrSpeed636

    Racing is 80% Mental

    Great advice Pretty much everything we do is 75-80% mental. It doesn’t matter if you are the best athlete (physically) in the world, if you don’t have the ability to clearly think about your goals and intentions then you will FAIL. I play a lot of racquet ball to keep sharp, and as physical as that game is, it is by far more of a mental game, just a good example.
  9. MrSpeed636

    Newbie on an 05 CRF250R

    Thanks for the input guys, i think i will turn the idel up a bit and see if i cant be more careful. I think a lot of my problem is not only comming from a 2 stroke race bike, but for the last 4 years, i have been riding sport bikes and big boar cruisers, like my fathers heritage softail, and my other buddies VTX1800 (read tourque MONSTER) So i guess it will just take some adjustment on my riding style. Thanks again, and ride safe!!
  10. MrSpeed636

    Newbie on an 05 CRF250R

    The idle seems to be just fine, it would mainly stall when i try to blip the throttle. is this a no no on a 4 stroke?
  11. MrSpeed636

    Newbie on an 05 CRF250R

    Whats up guys! I just wanted to put a quick post in here to introduce myself, and tell yall that I just took delivery of a brand new 05 CRF250R. The last time I rode was about 6 years ago when I used to race my 98 KX125. Let me just say, WOW how much the bikes have changed . I love this thing, and I was extreamly comfortable on it right away. I even jumped the finish line double on my second lap here at the local track because I felt so good on the bike The only negitive thing I have to say, and I am sure this is all my fault, is that the damn thing kept stalling on me . I would just be rolling in neutral in the pits or on the side of the track and it would shut off. I was kind of blipping the throttle like i used to on my 2 stroker sometimes, and other times i wasnt doing anything. Any one have any suggestions as to what this was, or am I just doing the whole 4 stroke thing wrong??? Thanks!