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  1. Sorry for not getting back sooner, helping my son re-locate back to San Diego from Nashville. New pilot jet and petcock valves on tank did the trick. Thanks for the advise! Tim
  2. Will pick up a new jet when I receive new tank petcockes. I checked and the seal/washer was failing - bits/pieces in carb when I took the bowl off. Sprayed with carb cleaner/air gun, improved, but idle still not right. New jet it is once I have new gas and a clean tank/valves. Thanks again for the post Tim
  3. Bike sat for several months without a start, previous start no idle issue. Bike fired up but will not idle once choke is off. Turned up idle screw to max to no avail Is this a blocked pilot jet perhaps?
  4. Thanks for reply, did not replace pilot jet, tried to clean it. Motoworld, El Cajon CA., large multivendor dealer, sends carbs out for service, complete disassemble, overnite in heated cleaning solution, new seals, re-assembly. I have cleaned Mikuni carbs using choke/carb cleaner and air gun successfully years ago (DT-1, RT-1 circa 1968-70's). They indicated that newer carbs too complex for this method. Lack of consistent success on their part prompted the above cleaning method/policy. Found deteriorating rubber gasket, gas tank petcock valve, which seems to match residue found in carb jets and elsewhere within it. Black, somewhat pliable, very sticky, doesn't dissolve with carb cleaner. I re-jetted the WR450F when I first bought it successfully for the standard mods suggested within that forum (full throttle, airbox, YZ ignition wiring change, removal of smog pump, and exhaust stinger replacement. Felt like a competely different bike, more power than my graying software/hardware capable of staying ahead of.....but love the low end torque for staying upright when needed. Bike has sat idle for over a year, now trying to get back in the saddle again... Tim
  5. Bike won't idle without choke. Removed FCR carb from bike, took off bowl. Removed all jets, floats and sprayed with carb cleaner, blew out with air, re-assembled to bike. Will now idle without choke, but only at max idle knob adjustment, and occasionally idle will surge as if it seeks a higher rpm, but then returns to bare bone idle. Dealer said carb needs to be completely disassembled and boiled out over night. Any suggestions on how to do this, and where to find the special star driver required to disassemble completely the carb. Thanks for any assists.......... Tim
  6. Doc at Motoworld in El Cajon Service Dept. should be your last resort. He is verrry good. Regards Tim
  7. I have returned to an off road bike after a 28 yr hiatus. 24 Hr fitness has let my 60 yr old frame absorb the abuse so far. YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ancient One
  8. Try Pastrana FX bars with fat bar adapter. I am 6'2" and made a big difference. Stock cable lengths will work just fine. Regards Tim
  9. The return to AIS is a nice feature of the GYT kit for those riders in Calif. Forbid my lips from uttering this, what is the rangers starting checking to see if the smog valve is in place or not!!! Regards Tim
  10. Using the GYT kit, no problems. 168 main, 148 pilot, 4th clip, pro exh insert, snorkle removed, gray mod. Regards Tim
  11. What should be first priority - replacing the seal in both forks. Second, springs matching your weight and riding style are available online at Racetech.com calculator. I weigh 208# naked, and a 5.6Kg/mm and .48Kg/mm re-spring cost be $200. I am 60 years old but still in great shape, but I don't push the envelope anymore. I affirm the difference in springs was quite noticeable over stock, so if you are over about 195 # or under 155# new springs are warranted. The Gold valve issue in my book is a fine tune. If you are riding on the ragged edge competitively and still seeing your friends/competetiors slowly pull away from you, well the suggestion paying a suspension shop the $400 is well spent. Myself, I have replaced the springs on my new 06 WR450 shortly after buying it - peace of cake. Years ago when I raced I replaced oil seals. Do a search on how to do this on suspension forum. Good luck, and safe riding. Tim PS With a little care and the right tools, I have always found the extra satisfaction of doing things myself - up to and including a complete re-build of my DT-1 and RT-1 back in the 60's and 70s.
  12. Do google search on race tech. I am 6'2" 210#. I ordered a 5.6 rear and .48 front. Noticeable improvement. I ordered though dealer and recieved 10% discount over retail web page pricing since I purchased the new bike. Good luck, both springs are easy to replace, you can do it yourself. Regards Tim
  13. Live in San Diego. Directions to your starting point please. Thanks Tim
  14. Do the mods ASAP, it becomes a totally different bike.....
  15. East County San Diego