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  1. Gixerberg

    Anyone have Easton EXP Bars? Trouble?

    Its a Honda:thumbsup: 07 450x, 513cc stroker motor Aprilia swinger, Ktm triples, Husaberg factory forks plus many many other mods. Not posted much up about it on here as the preference here is for the mudplugging 450x's:p
  2. Gixerberg

    Anyone have Easton EXP Bars? Trouble?

    Hi, I have the Easton bars on my 513x fitted with Racetech wrap arounds. I didn't request any special 'easton' fixings just stated they were to go on fatbars. They were fiddly but not bad to fit
  3. Gixerberg

    Will an 07 CRF450R head fit a 05 CRF450X

    You will have to change the piston to an R piston. The valves are bigger on the R head and will hit the crown
  4. Gixerberg

    2010 Honda CRF300X and 500X ... only in Italy

    Mine has been done, Genuine 500cc wiseco kit(for an 'r' but modded) with hotrods stroker crank giving 520cc It's not an offroad bike, it's a supermoto so it makes complete sense..... although it's a bit of an animal
  5. Gixerberg

    450x engine into a 450r

    That would be a great help, thank you
  6. Gixerberg

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    OOh, thanks, I'll keep an eye out for that one:thumbsup:
  7. Gixerberg

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    it's fully street legal here in the UK Look closely and you will see a registration plate( tag to you guys) on the rear fender It's about to be a feature bike in SM International mag:thumbsup:
  8. Gixerberg

    450x engine into a 450r

    Anyone ever done it ? A guy I know has recently bought an x motor for a good price as his r motor grenaded. He's not interested in the electric start but just wanted a milder more relaible bike. The problem is with the electrics. I tried to fit his 'r' flywheel and stator to the x motor but they won't fit. However, the x motor has 6 wires coming out of the stator, 4 of which are the same as an r so we figured that if we use those wires(bl/wh, gr/wh. blue, white) all should be well but we have no spark. We are still using the r cdi Any ideas anybody or alternatively anyone know of an online wiring schematic for the x ?
  9. Gixerberg

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    tis mine Soon to be 520cc:thumbsup:
  10. Gixerberg

    07 crf450x supermoto

    I'm currently running 14/43 and find that it's ok for street riding but for track riding I drop to a 13 front. My motor is fairly high spec and far from standard but the 14t front is too tall for 2nd gear exits to tight hairpins. If it was an R a 14 front would be fine
  11. Gixerberg

    Does anyone offer a DOT tire for the 16.5 rim?

    http://www.aaa-racing.com/images/static_images/16.5_Medium_Wet_Front_Test.pdf AAA Racing is a uk company but I'm sure Goldspeeds are available there. The tyre in question looks like a wet but uses a dry tyre compound so will last on dry tarmac
  12. Gixerberg

    Does anyone offer a DOT tire for the 16.5 rim?

    There is a new tyre just out from Goldspeed available in 16.5 It is street legal
  13. Gixerberg

    Which SM front fender do you like?

    It's actually a crfx seatbase with the foam and cover off an 'R' cut and shaped to fit The bike is basically an electric start 'R' model as it has more r parts than x:smirk: It is soon to be a 520cc:thumbsup:
  14. Gixerberg

    Which SM front fender do you like?

    On my 450X I use the Husaberg/ktm one..along with number board I use them on most bikes I build as I've yet to find a combo which looks better
  15. Gixerberg

    Does Thumper Talk Have the Best OEM Prices?

    I managed to source a crankcase half,clutch case and gaskets cheaper than TT. I got them from a USA listed dealer(I'm in UK) but I won't say who as I think that would be unfair on TT's own site. I found that TT were more expensive on some parts but cheaper on others so it all evened out