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  1. Justa4stroken

    6x12 Enclosed Trailer???

    I have a 7x12 wells cargo TE Series motorcycle trailer with the low profile frame. It fits in my garage easily.
  2. Justa4stroken

    Missouri riders

    I live in the Missouri Bootheel, I ride at Coon Creek most of the time. But I also hit St Joe and LBL occasionally, both are about 150 mile for me and with gas so high, it has cut my trips down this year.
  3. Justa4stroken

    Hotcams or yz450 auto decomp???

    I had a 05 WR I bought a set of hotcams for and I never could get it to start with the electric start because the Decomp pin was too short. So I bought a set of 05 YZ cams and put them in and they worked great. Started with the electric start and the valves were within specs with the new cams so I didn't have to change any shims like I did with the Hotcams. What I'm saying is I didn't have any luck with the Hotcams.
  4. Justa4stroken

    ANOTHER transmission failure!

    Chances are if you didn't replace all the gears the first time, you probably had another one cracked or factured and it gave away this time. I lunched my transmission in my 05 WR the first year I had it by missing a shift and hit two gears at once. I replaced every gear in the transmission because I knew all it would take is one tooth come off a old gear and trash my transmission again. When pieces start getting between gears they crack and facture other gears. THey may look ok, but sooner or later that tooth will come off and your transmission is doomed.
  5. I will soon as I get it.....
  6. I called my dealer yesterday and talked to their service department. Their service guy went and looked at the other wr they have in stock and said it doesn't have a hole in it. SO They didn't believe mine did, and gave me Yamaha's phone number and said to call them. I called them and the lady there told me I was the third person that day to call about this issue. The lady with customer service put me on hold for a few minutes to get a tech support person, and while onhold my dealers service man called back and appologized for not believing me in the first place. He said when he called tech support they knew exactly what he was talking about and gave him the number of the part to fix this issue. He said there is several of these out there and they are working on the problem. In the mean time I've plugged the hole and siliconed it so I can use the bike until the new part comes in. Thanks to thumpertalk my new bike was saved from the dirt Gremlins.
  7. Justa4stroken

    2007 wr450f out the door for under MSRP!!!!!!!!!!

    I just bought one today for $6294 out the door. Abernathy's cycles Union City Tn. They one more in stock for the same price.
  8. Justa4stroken

    YZ Cam, won't start

    I have YZ cam's in my 05 WR450. i just lined the marks up on the head and it fired right up with the electric start. I did rejet the carb to a 170 main, and raised the needle one clip.
  9. Justa4stroken

    bar risers for sportbikes?

    I agree, you want a FZ6 or FZ1. The 2006's are Fuel INjected and have a more up right riding position. Closest thing your going to find to a Full blown sport bike. But let me say this....I hear what you saying about the aggressive riding position, but I have owned a 2004 FZ1, and now own a 2005 CBR1000rr and a Triumph Rocket lll. I'd rather ride my CBR1000rr for long distance than any of the three bikes. The FZ1 I couldn't get out of the wind turbulance from the windshield because I was setting up so high. And my back hurts from setting up straight on the Triumph Cruiser. I can easily ride my CBR 200-300 miles without any fatigue. But that's just my opinion.
  10. Justa4stroken

    Why fork rebuilds cost so much.....

    I sent Forks and SHock to them and had them all three pieces done for $380, which includes all parts, fork oil and labor and shipping back too me. I don't know how you figure you can buy the tools and parts to do it yourself cheaper. Plus the hassel of spending a day doing it. Plus you have to have the shock charged by someone after your done with it.
  11. Justa4stroken

    Why fork rebuilds cost so much.....

    I sent my Showa forks and rear shock to Factory Connection for rebuild on a a monday, got them back the following monday, total cost was $380. Most well spent $380 I could have done. They performed perfectly and I didn't have to deal with the hassel of dealing with it.
  12. Last Monday I shipped my forks and shock to Factory Connection East Coast for a rebuild, and I received a phone call from them the following Monday and they are done and shipping out the door. Wow, what a quick turn around! Those guys are great and the price was very reasonable too. $358 for all three pieces. If you ever need your suspension reworked, I highly recommend giving these guys a call. Factory Connection 10 Amarosa Drive Rochester, NH 03868 Phone: 800-221-7560 (Good in USA Only) 1-603-335-7023 Fax: 1-603-335-8380 Email: sales@factoryconnection.com
  13. Justa4stroken

    Broken gear tooth inside engine

    I too broke 4th gear on my WR, and the tooth stuck between two others and lunched my transmission. I had several teeth stuck to the magnet.
  14. Justa4stroken

    Trail Tech question

    Mine went haywire a few weeks ago and I found that one of the wires rubbed a naked spot on it. I hit over 100mph a couple of times!!! I knew something was wrong. So when I got home I noticed the cable had a rubbed place on it. That's when I found the red wire was intermittently making contact. Took a solder gun and repaired the break and used heat shrink tubing to seal it up. Works fine now. Might not be what you have but it's a guess.
  15. Justa4stroken

    YZ exhaust cam vs Hotcams exhaust on WR450

    I didn't know they were the same. As for the power, the only difference I have seen is I hit the rev limiter much faster in the bottom gears. 1st is almost useless now.