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  1. im also looking at buying one of these bikes to race this year over my 125 and iv been doing alot of reading about them and im not 100% sure but i think that the 02 motor will work in the 01 frame. maybe have to have different motor mounts possibly but id think it would work
  2. Awsome track man..Looks like fun
  3. Well everyone..i decided to buy a 2001 dodge dakota..regular cab 2wd V6 5-Speed..not tore up too bad..needs a fender door a cab corner and a bed side..should make a nice little 1st truck for me..granted it gets me and my bike where i want to go:thumbsup:
  4. fixing the truck is not a problem as the past 2 generations have been mechanics,body men and everything else under the sun..and the truck has a salvage title..after the wreck from which has put it in the condition its in now im assuming..only 49,000 miles with a very nice interior..not all tore up or built to someone elses tastes which i like..also didnt blow the air bags which is another plus
  5. I am 15 years old and looking for my 1st vehicle.Im looking at trucks because i want to be able to haul my bike and stuff when i get my liscence.I plan on buying wrecked and fixing it,so i found a 2003 GMC Sonoma. 4.3 v6,2wd,extended cab.Are these good trucks? As far as miles per gallon,reliability,and are there any major known problems with these trucks? Help is appreceiated.
  6. i thought mine would have to be resleeved when i blew mine up..but we took it to my shop and they bored my cylinder for me.
  7. 96-01 the plastics and graphics will interchange..250 stuff like plastics and graphics will also fit if its the same years..um..not sure about the head,and piston..its possiable tho..i think the sprockets will work..but other than those few things im not sure.
  8. Id choose wiseco..thats what iv used when i rebuilt my 125 and its held up and ran really well since..no problems..the price wasnt too high either.
  9. Slodad..thats what my dad thinks it is..maybe the boot going to the carb? but i was thinkin if it were suckin in air that it would be the reeds and carb instead of the boot and carb..but this weekend we are gonna try everything mentioned on here..the throttle cable/housing and all that 1st..and then work our way to the harder/more time taking things..also..just wondering..i dont believe it but whatever..when a 2t gets low on gas can it run harder? like turn more rpm's..someone told me they would cause it was gettin more air that way too..but i dont see how thats possiable?
  10. id go with the 125..iv learned alot on mine..keeps you working hard for sure..plus id say you could ride it faster..not knockin off on your skills or anything but the 250 does have quite a bit more power and would be harder to ride fast.
  11. starting the bike with the choke on..and it starts and the choke works but when i turn it off it the bike still runs wide open..and i just put new bars on it..just the other day..bike ran fine before they were on..so maybe thats my problem with the cable/throttle tube/housing?
  12. got my clutch figured out..so thats all good now but i have another problem..i finally got the bike started..it hit and started up but with out me touching the gas the bike was like instantly full throttle..as soon as it started up..so i shut the bike off because i thought it was gonna blow up..37-38 degree weather..but we got it started another time or 2 and it done the same thing..i talked to a mechanic from my local dealer..he thought it was the throttle cable..we already checked that and it was working just fine and snapping back to close throttle after you twist it..so now he seems to think that it is sucking air..if the reeds were chipped/broke would it cause this? or could this be something in the carb. or a place where its not sealed right? Help is much appreciated.
  13. i personally dont think they make much more power than stock..i think they just change around the powerband to suit diffrent types of riding and to make the bike pull harder in a certain area..but if i had to pick..id say pro circuit works and the r-304 shorty..my friend ran that on his yz85 and it looked great and held up really good..made the bike much funner too..3rd and 4th gear were great..lol
  14. i started out on a ttr 125 back a few years ago..5"4"..something like that..and rode it for 2 years..then back last march i bought my 125 2-stroke and had no problems fouling plugs or making the switch from a play bike to a full out race bike..and if a 2t tears up it is much cheaper to fix than a 4 stroke..so i would look into that also
  15. get the yamaha for sure..