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    How Young is to Young?

    I have a crf 50 that my 6 year old will ride at the track this year, he has been on that bike in the yard since he was 4. Now my 4 year old started riding it last summer (after he could ride his bike without training wheels) I do have training wheels for the 50, but I wanted them to ride without them. So he took to it well, but when he does fall he has a hard time picking up the crf. When he is on a pw50 (a friends bike) he is able to pick it up and seems to control the bike better. I would go with the pw or jr50, the seat is a little lower and the bike is a little lighter. I myself am picking up a pw for my 4 year old in the next month.
  2. just because the light came on dosent mean something is wrong they come on at certain mileage
  3. try turning the key on (not starting the car) in this order turn it on,off,on,off,on,off. wait a min turn it back on and see if that worked. I am really not being a smart ass thats how you do it on a dodge, and it also worked on my chevy venture
  4. team crash

    Question on cleaning jersey

    you add the whole can after the washer fills with water. the acid in the coke is what gets the oil out. Make sure it is coke, pepsi or other colas dont work as well
  5. team crash

    How Many Pay Cash Vs. Finance

    I paid cash for everything for years, cars, bikes,whatever. now that I am trying to buy a house I have run into problems because I never finance or use credit, so I have financed a bike,and a truck, and am now within a few months of buying a house. My point is if you can afford the payments it will only help your credit which turns into a high credit score and low intrest rates. so financing isnt always bad.
  6. team crash

    MSR Gear??

    I have 2 different types of MSR gear from 06, one model fits true to size. the other model the pants are tight.
  7. team crash

    For the older guys....Who works out?

    I play hockey twice a week during the winter, it has helped me alot with my leg strength and my cardio
  8. thumpertalk.com allthingsmoto.com michiganmotox.com and some good vids at mxreplay.com
  9. team crash

    Check my Techique, please

    when you are standing with the girls your hands are to high
  10. team crash

    MCR or FAT Maax?

    Is there a web site for FAT MAXX or how can I get ahold of them? and where are they located? thanks
  11. team crash

    MCR or FAT Maax?

    I thought this was a free country? I dont know about fat max or mcr. but If you are giving your opinion on a product I dont see how that can be wrong. If it is alot of people better start suing consumers report
  12. team crash

    Getting my son started

    My youngest son(3 years old) loves riding his 5 year olds crf 50 with the training wheels of course and I have to turn the throttle way down because he has no fear and will pin it
  13. team crash

    Jumping position (pic)

    Thanks sic the movie does help me understand but if I had my front end that high I would be in panic mode. I just need some more seat time. I am going to go to a moto x school this spring with my son
  14. team crash

    What happened to Rocky Mountain?

    I just got my new mag from them so they are there but there web site keeps crashing. X-MAS rush maybe
  15. team crash

    Boots for under $200

    go to www.rockymountainatv.com and check out the ARC 220 boots I have them and like them. I think they are $159 if i remember right