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  1. DOTHuskyTE

    Best American Brand of Truck

    I have a Nissan Titan, it was built here in the USA and it is by far the best built american truck. If you like your Chevy that has the same styling since 1960, or your ford that will fall apart within the first 2 years, or your dodge that will fall apart on the way home from the dealership the first day you get it, then so be it.
  2. DOTHuskyTE

    Keep it straight

    He needs to adjust his rebound on both ends.
  3. DOTHuskyTE

    Florida Riding

    I recently moved to Florida and expected there to be tons of tracks and places to ride due to the weather but I was really wrong. Sure there are some small local tracks, but they charge outrageous rates ($30.00 and up) just to ride and then almost every day is broken down into classes so you really don't get "just go out riding". I lived here for a month before I sold my brand new 2005 YZ250 after realizing every day I wanted to go out riding was going to cost me a minimum of $50.00 and that when I got to the track I would have to ride in classes that are packed and you can not ride at your own leisure like you can in WA or other states. Riding dirtbikes in FL sucks, don't let anyone tell you different, if they do it is because there dad is paying for them to ride.
  4. DOTHuskyTE

    Florida Husky Dealers and Riders

    Hi, thanks for the information, can I ask where you purchased your TE from?
  5. Hi, I am new to the forums here, thanks to so many for your information and opinions. I am looking to buy a Husky TE450 or TE510 to use as a dual sport bike here in Southern Florida. There are no dealers but I found one outside of Florida who will sell and ship the bike for a great price ($285.00) for shipping. Are there any dual sporters here in Southern Florida (In Davie, near Ft. Lauderdale and Miami) who can give advice or need someone to ride with? Also, what is the real weight of the TE450 and TE510 or are the numbers (238lbs) on the Husky website realistic? Thanks in advance
  6. DOTHuskyTE

    06 Te450 Is A Dual Sport

    They come with the green sticker, all models including CA.