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  1. shelbyzman

    Re-Painted Pit Bike

    Looks good! Good job on your bike.
  2. shelbyzman

    Re-Painted Pit Bike

    yeah, I had alot of fun painting my bike. The only time I had some paint come off was when I went to get my bike out of the shed and found it fallen over with gas drenched on it. Other than that, the paint stayed on good.
  3. shelbyzman

    Re-Painted Pit Bike

    I think, if you want to paint your bike, do it. I painted mine, and had fun doing it. I don't know why some people make such a big deal about it. If it doesn't work the first time, try something different.
  4. shelbyzman

    What 125 Chinese Pit Bike?

    If you are going to use is out in the woods, definitly go with one that has 14" and 12" wheels, trust me they ride alot better.
  5. shelbyzman

    How fast??

    sprockets make a big difference, but I would say 50 to 55mph
  6. shelbyzman

    tall seat or spring

    thats what I meant(shock). I wasn't thinking when I put spring
  7. shelbyzman

    tall seat or spring

    I'll save and get a spring, or just live with the current set-up.
  8. shelbyzman

    tall seat or spring

    I am the same way, I don't have the cash, or want to buy a good spring because they cost quite abit. Therefore, I was thinking about a tall seat as an alternative. I know the seat couldn't be as good as a new spring, but mabey it would help some.
  9. shelbyzman

    tall seat or spring

    I know riding a pit bike isn't supposed to be comfortable It's just that my shock feels non-existent sometimes. I didn't know if a tall seat would make my ride more tolerable.
  10. shelbyzman

    tall seat or spring

    My bike rides pretty rough and isn't the most comfortable. For the money, which would be better a tall seat(cheaper) or a better spring? By the way, I have a chinese bike. Either way, how much better are tall seats than the regular seat comfortwise?
  11. shelbyzman


    I bought a bike from them through ebay and I have had a good experience with them. I had to buy parts twice and I got good service and good prices. Ex: rear wheel, tube, tire, and sprocket for $50 shipped. I won't make any promises, but from my experience they have taken care of me. One note about west coast, call instead of emailing them. You will get a response sooner that way.
  12. shelbyzman


    no problem. Hope everything works out for you
  13. shelbyzman


    I'm not real familiar with the xr80's but there a four stroke right? I would think that the 125 would beat it. Now the 110's would probably be closer to the xr80. And yes I bought my bike from westcoast, but off of ebay.
  14. shelbyzman

    snapped frame!

    yeah, my avator pic is before the crash. I got it repaired on saturday though, so I'm back out riding.
  15. shelbyzman


    Yes, the shift pattern is 1 down 3 up. I have one.