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  1. pip_daddy

    tt500 oil seal trouble

    I picked up a tt 500 (76?) off the end of one of my neighbors driveways a month ago. The price was right......free. So far I have replaced the spark plug cap, changed the oil filter, cleaned the carb, and the oil seal at the counter shaft sprocket. It was blown out and leaking what looked to be new oil. I can get the bike to start on both starting fluid and gas but I have blown out that seal again. The bike only ran for about 45 seconds when it blew the seal out. I ran a compression test and was able to kick it over to about 90 psi. Does it sound like I need rings, or do I have a blocked oil line somewhere? If you think that I have a blocked oil line where should I look first? I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance, Eric
  2. pip_daddy

    650R Dual Filament Brake Light?

    Has anyone tried to put a dual filament socket/bulb inside of the stock tail light? I was thinking of trying that and mounting the plate to the front of the rear fender, above the mud gaurd. I was thinking that this would clean up the rear fender and make it look good.
  3. pip_daddy

    xr650r paddle?

    I did a search and did not come up with a definite answer to what size paddle seems to work best in the sand? Should I try a 6, 8, or 10 paddle. From what I read I should not buy a cheng shin for fear of it not holding up. Has anyone had any luck with AMS? Thanks in advance Eric
  4. pip_daddy

    more electrical questions

    thanks snaggle, I am sure that I will be PMing you at some point in time. I will have to agree, I think that you are the man when it comes to electronics. Eric
  5. pip_daddy

    Corbin seats

    I just got off the phone with Michael in sales at Corbin seats and he said that this year they modified the seat pan so that I will fit both the XR650L and the XR650R. I asked him if it will fit with a IMS tank and he said that I will. Leather or vinyl and your choice of piping $269. Someone else may want to call and verify to make sure that Michael knew what he was talking about, but for me it sounds like good news. Eric
  6. pip_daddy

    Longest Road Trip on the XR?

    Looking on the Corbin website, it looks like they are beginning to make a seat for the xr650R. Yes, I wrote R. I am going to call them in a few days to make sure that it is not a misprint on their site. http://www.corbin.com/honda/9395xr650.shtml#caption Eric
  7. pip_daddy

    more electrical questions

    I think that I am going to upgrade my stator. I just want to have all my ducks in a row before I start ordering parts. Has anyone had any luck (good or bad) with the electrex stator from Rocky Mountain ATV? And if so, do I need to get the electrex voltage regulator to go with it? I will be running this on a 2000 xr650r with a Baja Designs dual sport kit. My goal is to be able to run a 55/60w bulb. As of right now, I also have a GPS hardwired into the charging system. I think that this is as far as I will go as far as power requirements. Thanks in advance, Eric
  8. pip_daddy


    I keep hearing about rewiring stators. Is it really that easy to do yourself, or would I be better off buying one? I prefer to do things myself, but I am not too electrically inclined. If there is a page or a thread that has very detailed instructions could someone please help me find it. Thanks, Eric
  9. pip_daddy


    I have a BRP with a Baja Designs kit on it. The stator is stock and I was wondering if I put a standard 55/60 headlight in it would it cause any problems? Right now it has a 35/35 light in it. Eric