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  1. lgbjr62374

    06' CRF250R Swingarm

    Well I took My bike to a local Honda dealer and after about 3 weeks got word that Honda is shipping a new swingarm no charge!!! The dealer said they need to send the old one to Japan. Hopefully no more problems.
  2. lgbjr62374

    Frame Crack

    I Have a new 06 250R. I rode the bike about 15 min. First time out and flipped it back on top of myself. While I was in the E.R. , my buddy cleaned the bike for me. Got home to check out my bike and noticed a crack in a weld on the swingarm. Did not really inspect the bike for cracks when I bought it, so not sure if it was already there. I can't imagine that it cracked from flipping. anyway the bike is at a dealer now waiting to see if Honda Will fix it.
  3. lgbjr62374

    06' CRF250R Swingarm

    Thanks , I'll give it a shot.
  4. lgbjr62374

    06' CRF250R Swingarm

    No Not even a scratch on the bike
  5. lgbjr62374

    06' CRF250R Swingarm

    Just bought new 06' 250R. Only ridden 15 min. when I flipped it . Cleaned it up at home and noticed that a weld on the swingarm was cracked. is it possible this could have been a bad weld job at the factory? no warranty on bike!