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  1. No other mods at this time but am open to suggestions. Will consider setting up the gearing similar to an R, but also noticed that the bike has a tendency to stall at low speeds, low revs. Flywheel? Anyone else notice this?
  2. I recently purchased an 05 CRF 450x with the intent to use it in a variety of riding applications here in Oregon (desert, woods, sand). However, recently an indoor MX track opened near our house. I have never ridden MX but given all the rain of late I've recently been taking laps at the track. Of course I wish I had two bikes now, but short of that I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about a gearing set up that might make this bike a little more manageable at the track while still offering great perform ace in the other applications, which will get more time as soon as the rain subsides. I am very much a beginner on the track and the taller gearing is pretty challenging. One the one hand, I'm pretty sure I just need to dig in and learn how to handle the bike on the track as is, but, if there were a gearing "fix" then I would appreciate hearing anyones experience. Any advice - short of advice to buy a second bike - will be greatly appreciated. Sean