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  1. drz ya

    LT 80 Help Please

    My daughter has a 04 lt80 with the same problem!! Did you ever figure out what the problem was?
  2. drz ya

    UFO taillight info

    I ordered mine thru the local suzuki dealer. Instalation was easy. I have a 2000 drz(e). The wire leads were plenty long enough to reach up under the seat so no connections have to be made under the rear fender. I did have to drill to new mounting holes in the rear fender to get it centered and slightly tucked under the end of the rear fender ( just in case you use the rear fender as a kick stand ). I must say I have had plenty of spills on the bike (mostly trail riding) and its preformed like a champ, not a scratch! I did trim the bottom of the UFO fender and removed the reflector to mount the bottom of the tag vertically.
  3. anyone know if their will be a rain out date, or should we put our flippers on and plan on getting real muddy?