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    winter riding

    Here in the sunny Okanagan winter has all but come and gone. I have ridden the last three weekends in a row. We had a cold snap that kept the snow around for a couple of weeks but thats over. Some buddies and I were out blasting over some local hillclimbs a couple of weeks ago and the riding conditions were prime, nothing but traction!! Its going to be a long riding season again!!!
  2. canadianwoodsrider

    Frame Crack

    After only a few rides on my 06 250R I busted the welds for my chain guide clear off. The welding job or lack there of was very poor quality. I had the tabs welded back on the swingarm at a local aluminum shop and so far so good. After a good inspection of the rest of the bike I haven't found any more weld cracks. From what I have read here and from other sources, it seems that the welds on 06 250R are quite brittle. I would have yours fixed because of where the crack is, any local aluinum welder should be able to help you out for a low price. my swingarm only cost 20$ Can to have it welded up
  3. canadianwoodsrider

    06' CRF250R Swingarm

    Just out of curiousity what weld on your swingarm is cracked. I bought an 06 250R and my second ride out I clipped a log with my chain guide at low speed. The log was so dry that it blew apart when I hit it. And yet somehow it busted all the welds for my chain guide clear off. The chain guide wrapped around my sprocket and jammed into the front sprocket gaurd. I was left trying to unjam my chain from the front sprocket over an hour away from our trucks in some gnarly woods trails. All said and done I had to have the swingarm welded at a local shop, replace the rear sprocket, chain and front sprocket gaurd. Not the best way to start out with the new bike. The local dealer when I showed him my swingarm, was shocked at the poor quality welds, but said your on your own. I am currently trying to contact Honda Canada to see if they can help out.