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  1. roggiedog

    bike was running good until i jetted it, help please

    You said it was running fine before you made changes. Id like to suggest that you go back to the original settings you had. Including going back to the blue needle. Then see what happens.
  2. roggiedog

    SPI installers in SoCal?

    Hey, thanks for doing a fine QA job on people's posts. You're quite an asset
  3. roggiedog

    SPI installers in SoCal?

    Grayracer513 installs these kits. I think he's in the sandiego area. Send him a PM.
  4. Does the power valve rotate when you give it a lot of throttle?
  5. roggiedog

    2006 yz250 vs 2005 yz250 Suspension

    The 2005 uses less fork oil in the outer chamber than the 2006 and above. Most shops won't know this and they'll overfill it and make it feel real stiff.
  6. roggiedog

    Strange issue with Yz 250

    Then it cant be raised high enough. Try a smaller pilot...Or not
  7. roggiedog

    Strange issue with Yz 250

    Throw a smaller pilot jet in there. She's running rich on the pilot if you tried raising the idle and couldn't get there.
  8. roggiedog

    cylinder wear after 1 min

    Something broke your bike the first time. Now you put in a new top end and it started to break again really quick. There is still somethong wrong with your bike and its not a cast versus forged issue at all. When you look down below the crank do you see some oil on there or coolant? How do your crank bearings feel? Might want to look at the waterpump side as well.
  9. I have some 01 forks sitting in the garage. They are in real nice condition. If you are interested in them I can sell them for a pretty low price.
  10. I've got a pair of 2001 yz250 forks in excellent condition. PM me if you're interested.
  11. A YZ250 2 stroke is always a good bet even for a heavier rider. It's got enough low end to pull a bigger load and is light as a feather compared to the 4 stroke bikes. I'm no ace mechanic but I'm able to do all the maintenance and do a top end rebuild. They're solid bikes. You should be able to pickup a year 2000 or newer for 1500 bucks. I wouldn't go lower than year 2000.
  12. roggiedog

    yz250 kickstand opinions

    Prom Moto Billet all the way. It's jewelry with a purpose.
  13. roggiedog

    YZ250 squish clearance

    Does anyone happen to know the depth from the face of the head (flat part) into the edge of the squish? I'm trying to determine if my head has been cut yet or not. It would be measured with a depth gauge. Thanks,
  14. roggiedog

    HIGH idle speed on cold start-up.

    It usually means your pilot is lean. You can screw the air screw in a bit. If my idle is too high when starting I usually hit the kill button a few times to kill the motor for a short second to lower the idle until it lowers on its own.
  15. roggiedog

    Major fork alignment issue? please help

    Just ran into the same thing on my new to me yz250. The tightening of the axle nut pulled the non disk side fork with it. After tightening the nut and leaving both sets of pinch bolts loose, I held the front brake and started pushing down on the bars pretty hard. Also twisted the bars back and forth. The fork popped back to where it should be on the axle and all is well. Not sure why the fork fits so tight around the axle. I've never had a bike where I couldn't freely move the fork a little bit back and forth on the axle.