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  1. rpadgett2

    R/C is down

    Man what a great race to watch. The 125 race had me jumping up and down on the fence. The 250 race was even better. RC was catching CR and he would bobble and lose a couple of seconds. Then he would catch him again. I was about 15ft on the fence from where RC slid into it. CR looked so good throuh the whoops and RC was out of control half the time going through them. Later
  2. rpadgett2

    Orlando SX Roll Call!!!

    I tried two napa's today here in Jacksonville and neither one had any. Didn't even know what I was talking about. Anybody got 4 they could part with? Later
  3. rpadgett2

    Personal foul! Face mask! Chad Reed!

    Are you sure he was yelling? Maybe he was telling him that if RC beat him again he was going to cry in his helmet. Later
  4. rpadgett2

    Orlando SX Roll Call!!!

    I could use 4 pit passes! Later
  5. rpadgett2

    Why do we keep loseing?

    Ban together and vote! That includes quad riders. We can't afford to be snobs to the quad riders. They out sale us 5 to 1. Later
  6. rpadgett2

    Helmet Cams? Anybody!

    I got mine on Ebay and it works great. www.628racing.com Later
  7. rpadgett2

    james (bubba) Stewart's Return

    I hope that it is Daytona, or Orlando. I will be at both of those and would love to see some good racing. Or Bubba blow up again At least I will see him at Vegas. Later
  8. rpadgett2

    What is your Racing number and Why?

    628 Daughters birthday. Later
  9. rpadgett2

    Alpinestar Tech-6 or Tech-8?

    I use the 8's. Have about two years on them and there just starting to show wear. A friend of mine has a pair of 6's and the new buckles are great. Would not hessitate to buy a pair of 6's. My friend is an A caliber rider and races the enduro circuit here in Florida. His boots are holding up fine. I don't think you can go wrong with either, but if money is the issue buy the 6's and forget about it. Later
  10. rpadgett2

    Travis Pastrana's bike looks sweet!

    Too bad he does not check in here to see how he should live HIS life. Later
  11. rpadgett2

    Hs #6

    Who is going? Later
  12. rpadgett2

    Vegas SX Tickets

    I have my tickets already and with the fees and other bull they add on it works out to 75 each. Not sure if they went up or not from when I bought mine. Later
  13. rpadgett2

    Helmet cam video

    We are riding on 50 acres right now. We've got plenty of room to add a lot of stuff. We're going to do a vintage MX track and cut more trails. We're also looking at a 30 acre track that backs up to our land. Its nice to have your own place to ride. Later
  14. rpadgett2

    Helmet cam video

    Here is one of me riding at my club property. Warning!!! The file is 99mb. http://www.628racing.com/fasttrack.mpg Right click and save as please. Later
  15. rpadgett2


    Gee. I wonder who I'm going to listen to. Later