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  1. Checo

    What bar clamps? Bent mine '07 kx450

    I have a stock '06 set with a couple of scratches. Only a couple of hours on them. Replaced them when I went to Twinwalls. PM me and we'll figure it out. Cheap just sitting in my garage. won't be used again.
  2. Checo

    Got Questions!

    I forgot to say that I did the airbox and backfire screen also. My problem is it feels like it is hitting the rev limiter to soon. Before all the above mods, I never hit the rev limiter. Might just need to change the gearing.
  3. Checo

    Got Questions!

    Just got a new 06 CRF450X. Right out of the gate I noticed the bike was lacking fuel and suspension. So, like others, I immediately started looking into mods to get what I was looking for. I read posts, asked questions from others and finally made some decisions. I immediately removed the smog, pink wire mod, got a Pro Circuit Ti-4 lowboy exhaust system and had Brian at BBS concepts jet, install the pipe, can and adjust the suspension. Wow she came alive. Low, mid and high she screams like a raped ape. Now the delima. She hits the rev limiter fast. Any ideas? 450r ignition or ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just looking for the finishing touch until the valves need to be adjusted. Then the cam and rejetting again! By the way. Anyone in Sac region that needs some work on their bike should call Brian. Fantastic wrench, super nice and great prices. Or could it be the stock gearing?????