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  1. Ok i been searching for an answer to this and couldnt find it. I need a good used replacement shock for my 01 yz250f. I have found a few 01-02 yz250 shocks that i may grab but am unsure if they are compatible. Also what years are interchangeable for the 01. I know yamaha had a new swingarm for the 02 and above but unsure if they changed the shocks. I was rumored 01-04 but unsure with that also. thanks for any input.
  2. Joesmoe1217

    04 KX250 Cylinder Bore - Replate?

    looks great and wouldnt hurt to get it honed to clean up the cylinder. I have had both my bikes cylinders replated because of gouges on the cylinder walls which you have none of.
  3. Joesmoe1217

    kdx 125 will not start

    check reed valves and hold them up to light and if you can see light there trash. next put some starting fluid on spark plug and into top end.
  4. Joesmoe1217

    97 kx125 worn clutch?

    I was ice riding this past weekend and was running most to full throttle for a good hour or so when i shut the bike off for a minute then started it right back up and threw it in gear and it would not move but would run fine. It was the second ride with a new clutch basket and hub.i only replaced the steel clutch plates. Is this a symptom of worn friction plates or something else? I have not had time to work on it but will this weekend. thanks
  5. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 crazy revs and overheats

    thanks ill check it out. as for smoking a ring i have excellent compression when i did a compression test so its definite a carb issue.
  6. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 crazy revs and overheats

    split the cases and replaced the seals again and is running fine. just cant get it to idle very long
  7. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 crazy revs and overheats

    pulled off the side cover and the seal seemed in fully sealed. then took cylinder off and found a good amount of gear oil on top of the crank but none on piston. whats my next step
  8. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 crazy revs and overheats

    it did smoke badly but i think it was the overflow tube full of coolant hitting the hot engine. the plug was dry and showed signs of overheating
  9. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 crazy revs and overheats

    thanks for the tips i pulled the flywheel off and that seal is on solid.As for the other gasket im going to look at that in the next hour. Is there a wrong way to put the wet seal in because im not sure if i put it in backwords or not.thanks. also any ideas of the kill switch not working. i checking connections and its connected to two similar black wires
  10. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 crazy revs and overheats

    I just finished my full rebuild on my 93 yz125. new crank,bearings,seals,piston kit, and replated cylinder. went to start it and ran fine then when i was adjusting the idle screw it screamed into high revs with no throttle, the kill switch was not working but worked before, and overheated. i pulled the fuel line and let gas run out. I checked all electrical connection and there connected. any suggestions to this madness?
  11. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 connecting rod getting stuck HELP!

    ill check that also thanks for the idea. the gasket kit i have is cometic so ill check that out.
  12. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 connecting rod getting stuck HELP!

    ill wait for the other crank before i do that
  13. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 connecting rod getting stuck HELP!

    well i just got a cheap new crank off ebay and am going to try that. this is my project bike and thats all i need for reassembly. if i get the same effect then i dont no what it maybe. ill post what happens when i get the other crank in.
  14. Joesmoe1217

    yz125 connecting rod getting stuck HELP!

    all new bearing and rod. would a slight bend in the rod cause this or the fact that the dealership didnt true the crank.
  15. just got my crank back from rebuild installed it with new bearings then closed the case and then i put a new piston and cylinder on. The connecting rods bottom end part seems to be getting caught up in the from of the cases. any suggestions on what to do. also i noticed the pistons front exhaust arrow is not perfectly straight. bad crank rebuild? or did i do something else wrong.