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  1. devistating

    G2 Quick Turn Throttle. Anyone using this?

    I use it and love it! To me it made getting thru technical sections easier..I ride in the woods as well as wide open desert and in my opinion it helped everywhere.. I'm going to put a 1/4 turn throttle on my street bike too!
  2. devistating

    CRF 450X TT Member's pictures Database.

    Some of mine... Pretty basic, nothing special, but it all mine!
  3. devistating

    greasing up

    Its easy... theres a how to for it some where... just a couple of bolts, then follow DD"s how to grease\replace them,, You dont want to wait till they look like this...
  4. devistating

    Air Box - my (unscientific) test to NOT cut the airbox.

    I can see why you would want the airbox in stock form for maintenance reason's if you ride in major dust and silt, or deep water crossing's.. I kept my 2005 450X stock for more that a year and was pretty happy with it. The first jetting mod was JD kit, only cut the sides as recomended by JD, baffle mod, cut one disk and drilled a 1/2 inch hole in the other. I was extremly happy compared to the stock bike.. Next was hack the other disk off the baffle, Twin air filter and removed the backfire screem fron the stock cage... Even better snap off the bottom, Seat of the pants! Next was fully hacked airbox, FMF Titanium powercore slip up to 170 main 48 pilot, and Wired the AP.......... Seemed like it got even better off the bottom, no bog off idel at all! Then i put a FMF powerbomb header, replaced intakes with TRX stainless, Still running the original exhaust valves, wiseco prolite 12:1 piston. I've been running this set up for a couple years now and have about 150 hrs since the intakes and piston were done.. My bike is the best its ever been!!! it pulls off idel to the limiter with no hesitation anywhere... I say hack the sh!t out of the box and full exhaust... Carry a couple extra filters, they dont take up that much room and arn't heavy.... For me it makes a big difference in throttle response and snappiness off the bottom... Why would you want to live with the dreaded bog and less response?
  5. devistating

    Hour meter location, good spot?

    Mine too
  6. devistating

    Lost front brake last night, why??? Hot???

    Happened to me a few years ago! You most likley boiled your brake fluid as well! I replaced my pads to EBC, re-bled the front brakes and still had a spongy lever! Turned out the the resivoir boot in the master cylinder was dammaged when the fluid boiled. I replaced that, re-bled them and good to go. Im still running the EBC pads since it happened and there wearing very well.. That being said, i have i set of oem pads to go on next time...
  7. devistating

    I taught this guy how to ride

    before all the x-games stuff
  8. devistating

    I taught this guy how to ride

    how bout ryan leech...... one of the OGs now
  9. devistating

    Broke Oil Filter bolt. Now What???

    Never seize, Finger tight, 8th turn with 1/4 in drive =
  10. devistating

    *** ... Hardest tire install ever. 739 A/T

    good point....
  11. devistating

    Tire's (What do you put on your 450X)

    Thought I'd start a thread to see what tires everyone uses... My favorite set up so far is. Front = 80/100/21 Dunlop 756F RR (Race Replica) or Pirelli Scorpion XC MS Rear = 120/100/18 Dunlop 739 Desert AT I hope this stand will make my next tire change a little nicer... I tried to start a poll but could'nt?? Is there some way to do that?
  12. devistating

    *** ... Hardest tire install ever. 739 A/T

    I love that this thread has went on for 5 pages...... Tha great tire debate 2009.
  13. devistating

    *** ... Hardest tire install ever. 739 A/T

    Found some more old pics...... Here's a 952 rear after only a few hundred miles of prairie city in sacramento..... This tire was incredible brand new especially under hard braking... It very quickly turned to one of the worst tires i've tried...
  14. devistating

    07 450r head on 05 450x

    What exhaust did you get?
  15. devistating

    *** ... Hardest tire install ever. 739 A/T

    I rode moonrocks in nevada last new years & hit a few 5th gear wide open desert runs... The XCMS felt really stable to me! I'm not a pro by any means, but it seemed to do very well at speed.. It hooks up in the sand pretty good, i didn't air down at all so i'm sure had i run a lower pressure it only would have gotten better... I ussally run around 12 psi.