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    Funky oil drain threads

    Hey, I also have an 06 with the exact same issue, you must change your oil like a fanatic, thats my problem. Yes the threads are pulling,you may want to look carefully and determine if there is a significant amount of the threads left on the inside of the crankcase, you may be able to see them, if there are, you can use a set of hemo's to get the rest out. I believe that the perfect solution would be to drill and tap a larger hole or utilize a helicoil. What I do for the moment is utilize some Yamabond and not overtighten the fastner upon re installation, not perfect fix but it has been working just fine, must properly degrease drain bolt and crankcase prior to installation though. Best of luck.
  2. 2stroke13

    2008 CRF450R - Crankshaft

    Thank you guys !
  3. 2stroke13

    2008 CRF450R - Crankshaft

    Running Honda since 2003 - current 2006 Yamaha 450 F 2004 Vmax 2005 Raptor 2005 TTR 50 No fish ,
  4. 2stroke13

    2008 CRF450R - Crankshaft

    At this point I can tell you this. The thrust end of the crank seems to be the effected area. No discoloration on the big end of the rod. No indication that the bottom end of the engine was starved of oil at all. Running these bikes since 2003 , no less than 7 bikes. Estimated 100 plus hours per bike. First negative experience. My biggest concern is , I have a another brand new 08 model in the crate and is being preparred for National use only. I do not want or need to be concerned with another issue that I seem to have on my hands at the moment. If you could offer me some positive information regarding this issue it would be greatly appreciated. I need you to express, in your opinion - whether you believe this to be an isolated incident or possibly a manufacture defect. Please advise, Thank you !
  5. 2stroke13

    2008 CRF450R - Crankshaft

    Has anybody here had any WAY - premature crankshaft issues with the 2008 model. Less than 10 Hours , professionally maintained. Please advise. -Thank you !
  6. 2stroke13

    06 450 rear hub

    Never had a problem until I tightened the chain,,,first ride blew the hub apart! Chain slack always stays at 3 fingers behind slider plate now