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  1. SeeksterKDX

    Hareport Scrambles Pics?

    It will take some time to collect photo's from different people, but I will eventually post pictures on our website once I get it together and collect pictures from different people that were there taking pictures. Take a look at our website periodically http://www.bremertoncruisers.com Cheers!
  2. SeeksterKDX

    Hareport Scrambles - Thank You

    Great turnout. Thanks to our supporters, riders, Mom's and Dad's, etc. We had a great time. You can also find the results at http://www.bremertoncruisers.com
  3. SeeksterKDX

    Sparkplug Enduro 2 weeks!!!!

    The decimal points are for Emergency Checks, which are based on Minutes and Seconds. These checks are used to breaking ties. --------------------------------------------------------------------- That was my first enduro. Regarding points lost, what is the difference between whole numbers and numbers with decimals? Early/late?
  4. SeeksterKDX

    Sparkplug Enduro 2 weeks!!!!

    I have the results in PDF format. Nowhere at the moment to post them. They are in the process of being sent to NMA. If you reply to this post with your email, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the results in PDF. PS REVERUP, I believe the KTM that pulled you out was Roger Steves. I'm glad everyone seem to have a good time, even with a few mishaps here and there...