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  1. You probably need a new engine.
  2. Mine is a 1998 model. Silencer measures about 11 inches long. The extrusion is about 9 inches and the tip is about 2 inches.
  3. Piston size is correct. I even checked the bore. .002 undersize. So...I'm gonna go up another main jet size, and while I was at it, I checked the needle clip position. It was in the 2nd position! It's supposed to be in the 4th position from the factory. This would make it lean. I wonder if I just found my problem...
  4. Ha Ha! You might be right. I have three boys on two-strokes. They fight over who has to mix gas.
  5. And when I mentioned the exhaust bridge at the shop that did the bore, the sales guy didn't know what I was tailking about. I think he was trying to get rid of me since someone called in a favor for me. They bored it for $40. And the ports were all chamfered nice.
  6. Ok. Here's a pic. We are running 36:1. Stock mainjet is a 175. It has a 178. Bike idles fine. He may have been pinning it across the lake bed, but hey, we all pin it. This is his 3rd top end in as many times out. I don't think he was going that hard. The cylinder isn't bad and I honed it with a nice hatch. New weisco with predrilled holes ready to put in....
  7. Thanks! I'll check those things out...and relieve the exhaust bridge.
  8. Already tried that. Kinda lookin' for someone that's done some engine work that could help me out before I put it back together just for it to seize up again cause the exhaust bridge is not relieved.
  9. Not sure if this is where to post this but...I have a 1998 RM125 that keeps losing the top end. I've read about relieving the exhaust bridge .002/.004, but haven't done it on any of these rebuilds. How do you do it? With a dremel and a cratex wheel? How do you check it? With a surface plate and an indicator? Thanks...
  10. We are running 36:1
  11. It fails by galling and sticking the ring all around. All the pistons I've put in already have holes. Can't remember the main jet size, but it is one larger than stock. Has anyone relieved the exhaust bridge? Let me get a pic...
  12. Gee, thanks for the help...
  13. Ok, I can't keep a top end going in this 1998 RM125. Is it because I'm not relieving the exhaust bridge? The cylinder had a fresh bored sleeve. The piston was turned the right way, and ring end gap checked. Maybe the water pump isn't working?
  14. How do you replace the seal? I have coolant in the oil. Impeller is off and clutch cover removed. I have the repair manual. Do I need a press to get the shaft out?