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    registering a CA dual sport

    I have been getting mixed information regarding what is needed to register a dual sport bike in California. I have a 99 XR400 that I just installed a Baja Designs kit on. 2 years ago, a DMV agent told me that I had to have a "brake and light" inspection at a motorcycle dealer, then have the DMV inspect it for numbers, then pay for street registration. The local Honda dealer tells me that they don't do that inspection anymore. I actually have no intention of riding on the street. I am only doing this to be able to legally ride on Federal land. If I have to pay for unnecessary insurance and jump through hoops for the registration, I might just continue to "wing it". Have any of you done a new dual sport registration RECENTLY in CA?? Thanks, Mike Thanks, Mike
  2. Newmaac

    Aftermarket carb advice??

    Thanks for the input folks. I will post my results later. Ride well, Mike
  3. Newmaac

    Aftermarket carb advice??

    Hi, I am looking for some advice from those that can say "Been there, done that". I have a 99 XR400, that I use for trail riding in CA. (low altitude). I currently am using Ron McCord's Power Flow System for my intake, with a re-jetted stock carb and a White Bros. exhaust. Though I LOVE the throttle response and power produced by the Power Flow system, I am still not thrilled with the starting of the bike, especially in an enexpected stop on a hillside. hehehe Like most stock XR carbs, it floods pretty easily. I am thinking about going back to the stock intake and using an aftermarket carb. I am looking for pros & cons for the various carbs available. I have heard good things about the Edelbrock flat slide carb, but I would like to get more input before I spend any more money. Thanks in advance, Mike
  4. Newmaac

    Reasonable price to ask for my XR400?

    I can't talk about your area, but In the San Francisco Bay area, last year I spent $2800 for a 99 XR400 with ; White Bros exhaust, McCord power flow system, Summers tripple clamp and gaurds, 3 sets of pro tapers (of various heights), 3 gas tanks(of different sizes) One Industries seat, Stainless steel pegs etc... along with all of the original stuff. It had just had the top end rebuilt at the local Honda dealership and came with all reciepts. Mike
  5. Newmaac

    Lowering an XR400??

    Though in my mid forties, I am just getting started riding in the dirt. I own a 99 XR400. I am vertically challenged, having a 29" inseam, which makes kick starting and low speed maneuvers difficult. The height is perfectly comfortable while at speed, but I feel like a child having to stand on the kickstand to start the bike. I have tried the Devol lowering link, and have set the fork tubes to the third line @ the top triple clamp. Is there anything that I can do to lower this further, while I become comfortable and confident with this bike? Anything that will not totally mess-up the suspension geometry? Thanks in advance, Mike