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  1. Thank you!
  2. Cleaned up header!
  3. around 3000 and I am in Louisiana!
  4. Doxo Racing I got them off of Ebay! The header is clean but just discolored!
  5. This is my 03 CRF 450r That I got in Jan of this year. It is a mean machine . This is the bike for sale due to me wanting a 4 wheeler. Let me know what you guys think?
  6. It was my gap! It was too tight! Adjusted and now everything is great!
  7. Maybe rebuilding some of the jumps! Smoothing out some of the ditch size ruts!
  8. What are they going to do about the 2 strokes? I have never heard a >90db 2 stroke. My 03 crf 450 has a e-series white brothers and my 06 z-400 has a full yoshi and noone said a thing. Stock pipes only meet 96db requirements!
  9. Love the Avatar Red!
  10. I felt that white glove slap across the face! I am the same My mind wants to run with the 18yr olds but my body runs with the 31yr olds!
  11. We all make mistakes you just seem to make them more often then others!
  12. Well there is 2 TDC. To find TDC compression you must be able to see the camshaft. When the lobes are facing the rear of the bike and the marks line up then it is TDC compression. Hope this helps!
  13. Well I am rebuilding my forks and shock and it has been 2 days since I am able to ride since our crappy ass town only has 1 place to refill the Nitrogen and it takes them 2 or 3 days to do it! I will give you a report when I check the gap and play with the perch adjuster.
  14. Anyone else have a suggestion.
  15. I just installed my Rekluse clutch in my 03 and this thing is awesome!! It is so different but so great at the same time! My bike wants to very slowly pull once I put it in first gear. I have to hold the brakes to keep the bike from rolling slowly. Did I do something wrong on the install? I have the perch adjuster and I though I installed it just as they said but maybe I screwed up somewhere . Is it normal for it to pull slightly when just sitting still in first?