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  1. lawbreaker

    CR 85 info

    Yeah just bunged in 600ml and thought that would be pretty close. Thanks. hope it keeps her out of my hair for a while so i can play with my new bike and say that im working on her bike!
  2. lawbreaker

    CR 85 info

    Well the little bike is just a tad different to my 450r, i just basically need to know how much oil the engine needs, but id like to know about the bike a bit more. I wish i had of bought a manual when i got the bike from a local shop. Is there a site i can download parts of the manual off? Thanks for your time.
  3. lawbreaker

    CR 85 info

    Gday there, Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good source of info on the 03 model 85 big wheel. Ive bought one for the mrs and i want as much info on it as possible. What you readers know also would be great too. Thanks for your time.
  4. lawbreaker

    When do they get released?

    Thanks biznet for your feedback ive purchased a new 06 450r and im looking forward to riding an 07 model to see if i will sell the 06 and upgrade. I love the pull of these things compared to the two strokes. Hill climbing has never been so much fun!
  5. lawbreaker

    When do they get released?

    Hey there everyone, Just a couple of quick ones for you all, When will the new 450r be released and when running in a new bike do you let it warm up then ride hard or take it slow for first 15 minutes and stop, let cool down then go hard? Ive been told to warm then fire it at the track and ride like you normally would any day, is this true? Thanks for your time and i appreciate all replys.