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  1. jury vjr

    Bogging on Acceleration

    Hi, Sounds like a accelerator pump malfunction to me.The best way to check is to remove the subframe with the airbox so you have a clear look inside the carb,then give it a hand full of trottle and pay close attention to the accelerator jet that squirts into the venturi.If you don't see a clear straight squirt of about 1 a 1.5 seconds then there is something wrong like a clogged accelerator jet or maybe the accelerator linkage that got stuck due sand or so. jury
  2. jury vjr

    Help. Can't find neutral on 02' Warrior 350.

    I have the excact same problem with my warrior 350.The clutch freeplay is ok and the hub doesn't have any notches.Rebel 71 have you already found the problem?
  3. jury vjr

    Checking valve clearance

    with the gaps on the max. side of the clearance you have a long way to go cause when wear starts at the valve and at the valve seat the gaps are starting to tighten up,however for best power I prefer my valve clearance at the minimum side.
  4. jury vjr

    Checking valve clearance

    you have set your crankshaft at the exhaust stroke,turn your crankshaft a full turn further,that will set your crankshaft at the compression stroke and the lobes of the camshafts will pointing outwards.