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  1. Another big man (6-3, 235) checking in. What about the 250's? I recently rode a YZ250 around the desert and it had plenty of power (but obviously the gearing was too tight for desert). That made me wonder if the EXC 450 I've been considering is too much (don't see any need to do more than 60 mph). But I've read that the ergos on the KTM are best for us beanpoles...
  2. What about valve adjustments (especially the big EXCs)? A motorcycle shop guy was telling me it's a constant thing with the KTMs, but that the CRF-Xs are virtually adjustment-free. I sensed that he got a bigger commission off the Hondas...
  3. I'm pretty much sold on buying a KTM EXC (250 or 450). Anybody know of demo opportunities in L.A. area?