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  1. spikecarter

    EFI and tank foam

    Does anyone have any experience with fuel tank foam and the internal fuel pump located in the tank of the EFI bikes? I just got a 2010 KX450F and have used the foam for the past few years in carburated bikes. I'm just not familiar with the internal make up of the fuel tanks and pump and wonder if the foam could cause problems. thanks,
  2. spikecarter

    2010 KX450F is at the dealers! Let's see some pictures.

    Took this pic just before I fired it up. Whoa, does it rip. I moved up from an 07 KX-250F and absolutely no regrets. There is a remarkable difference in throttle response with the EFI. I'm not super stoked on the Bridgestones though. That's OK, I'm having so much fun I'll wear them out quick enough.
  3. spikecarter

    Off road rules of the road

    Yeah, it does suck. He'll be alright in 3-4 months, probably. He suffered a hideous laceration on the top of his foot, 1 shattered metatarsal, 1 crushed metatarsal and 2 broken ones. He had 3 surgeries last week and will probably have some plastic surgery at some point in the future. It's a tough nut to bear for a 12 yr old, this time of year. Most of the rules I've seen are very common sense, ie: stay to the right, ride sober, wear gear, ride slow, etc. I suppose it varies on the terrain, the conditions, and for that matter, the geography. There are different things to worry about in different parts of the country. Drake, my son, and I both kinda liked the concept of the local rule, "ride north in the gullies", but in practice thought it might be difficult to know what direction the gully was going. It might go north, then west, then south, then west, etc. So we thought that it might be a good general rule of thumb to "go with the flow". Drake liked it, cause that was the way he was going when he had his collision, but I agreed because it sounds good. Also, if there was a flash flood coming while you were riding in a gully, you wouldn't have to turn around to run away. : ) So, "stay to the right" and "go with the flow". Whaddya guys think?
  4. Has anyone ever seen, or had a discussion regarding any general "rules of the road"? For instance, "stay to the right cresting a blind hill" , "go with the flow in gullies" , etc. From my standpoint, I don't like to be told what to do, which is probably why I like to ride dirt bikes to begin with, but as I see the designated OHV areas become more popular, I'm wondering if it isn't time to consider some general rules of thumb. Yes, this is a reaction to an incident, my 12 yr old son had a head on collision in a gully with a much bigger and faster bike and nearly lost his left foot. It was a freak accident, but I heard later in the ER that they had kind of a local "rule of thumb" to ride north in the gullies, but no one else I talked to at the OHV area ever heard of it, so must be very local. I would love to hear the forum's thoughts on this topic.
  5. spikecarter

    2003 klx 110 broken gearshift spindle

    I wonder if the 05 shaft could be used to replace the broken shifter shaft in an 02 or 03? Anyone know?
  6. spikecarter

    50 Leak Jet Part # ???

    Check out www.sudco.com They have an catalog download with every carb part imaginable.
  7. spikecarter

    2007 team green jetting

    Well, wait a minute:crazy: somthin' aint quite right. I stuck the 168 main and 48 pilot in and rode last night before dark. The power is better once she gets wound up, but the bog out of the corners is worse. I'm going to check the AP delay, double check the needle clip and I may go down again on the pilot. The latest that I heard from my mechanic was that their team setting is: 168 main 48 pilot 2nd clip or 168 main 45 pilot 45 leak (55 is stock) 2nd clip. Course now it's barely above freezing, (dense air) and I'm actually riding at 4700' msl. I'm of the opinion that the pilot is too big, cause I can't get the idle to miss by turning the fuel screw in.
  8. spikecarter

    2007 team green jetting

    I've heard in Denver that they're going up to a 45 or 48 pilot, 170 main, and down on the leak. Don't know about the needle clip. I'll see if I can find out more precisely.
  9. spikecarter

    Is the 07 tranny a problem?

    Actually, now that I think of it, I do know of one 07 KX250F that cratered a week or two out of the shop. Kid put the oil filter in backwards. Haven't heard of any tranny problems around here.
  10. spikecarter

    Is the 07 tranny a problem?

    Had mine since October. Probably have about 40-50 hrs on it, 8 motos, 4 long days riding trails and rock in Moab, the rest on our pseudo-supercross track out back, no problems. Love the bike, way more fun when turning than my CRF450R.
  11. spikecarter

    Bench Bog vs. track

    Actually, I've been riding it since early October with the 170 which I put in at the Lakewood track. (slightly higher than home). And it just feels like there could be a little more low end punch, and of course I've got the winter, too much snow and ice, blues and just have to fiddle, ya know what I mean.
  12. So I'm fiddling with the jetting, AP, etc. on my 07 KX250F since I had experienced a low end bog coming out of corners. It is easy to duplicate on the bench, in fact it always does it. Twist the throttle quick and the motor bogs and will die without very carefully controlling the rate of twist. The guy at the local shop said, "doesn't matter what it does on the bench, what's it do on the track?" Well, the track's froze hard as glass, so who knows. Question is; I've gone in and out on the mixture screw, in and out on the AP timing screw, stock main was 182, I've got a 170 in it now, and I've tried the clip high, low and everywhere in between, if it dies like this on the stand, is that OK? Or do I need to keep changing jets and or needles until it runs right in the garage. Incidently, I'm at 5000', same state as you Eddie, in the Blo.
  13. spikecarter

    post here if you own a 07 kx250f

    Had mine since October. Why do you ask?
  14. spikecarter

    Best clamp setup

    Well, the reason I ask is I bent the bar clamp on my stock 07 250F and rather than buy that part from Kaw, I just got a whole new top clamp from Topar Racing. It's real beefy and strong looking, and I was giving some consideration to ordering the entire set. I think I might just change out the top for now and see if it feels any different, I mean besides the fact that it will be straight!
  15. spikecarter

    Best clamp setup

    I'm curious as to the advantages of the aftermarket triple clamps. Is it primarily strength or do they actually modify the handling/performance?