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  1. Lasik

    loading and unloading zone

    I was super impressed with MotoGirl riding it into the truck. I use to ride the 4wheeler in but not the 2 wheeler, sorry! MotoGirl is in VA, maybe she can give me lessons :-)
  2. Lasik

    Clavicle plate?

    Been meaning to call your office. Will do it soon, probably tomorrow.
  3. Lasik

    Clavicle plate?

    I hear that a lot from people who have this surgery. Did you get the precontoured plate like Dr Sanders uses with countersunk screws? My shoulder joint pops and the surrounding area is still kind of numb. My shoulder never popped before but I probably did some damage to it that was never looked at. I did land on it pretty hard. I stopped doing any type of weight over my head. The trap muscle is still pretty swolled and when I put my arm over my head it pushes into the collarbone plate and causes almost like an electrical type pain. Heres to healing
  4. Lasik

    bottoming out

    Many times the front forks have to be replaced for our weight while the rear with enough preload and having the sag set correctly can work just fine. I would say replace the front springs for your weight. You could give it some more preload but too much and the ride is going to suffer. For $100 or so I say springs are worth it...
  5. Lasik

    Torn Meniscus. Surgery?

    arod, I see you had your mri done in Bethesda. I am in Silver Spring and was going to the M.O.S.T clinic here in Silver Spring before having Dr. Mark do the surgery. Is this by chance where you are going?
  6. Lasik

    Riding while pregnant

    I mentioned the mowing part because my daughters mother mowed the lawn during her pregnacy. She did however start having early labor and had to go on meds to prevent it. I didn't want her mowing the lawn but she would do it while I was at work and couldn't stop her. Strong headed women, I have a thing for them.
  7. Lasik

    loading and unloading zone

    Don't think you are alone here. At home my driveway slopes down from the garage to the street. With 1 ramp and my bike stand I just roll it pretty much down hill right into the back of my Dodge 2500 4x4 with Hummer tires. When I get where ever we are going it is almost always flat. Getting the bike off is no big deal. I again use the bike stand to step down on, lean the bike against me and just keep my hand on the front brake and down she comes. I always ride with someone else so we all help each other push the bike back into the truck. If I had to do it by myself I would back up to a hill and ride up the hill and into the truck which I have done. Friends are easier though!!! Heck one day I saw a guy with his street bike who had just come back from the beach trying to take his bike out by himself and I stopped and gave him a hand. He probably would have gotten it done but he was happy to have my help!
  8. Lasik

    Riding alone in the woods.

    I grew up in Texas and use to saddle up the horse, take it out in the field and run him as fast as he would go back towards the house. Usually all by myself, nobody even home and I was 15 yrs old or so. Looking back it was pretty stupid. If you know Texas the ground sometimes has huge cracks in it from the ground being so dry and it would have only taken once for the horse to trip, break his leg and probably have killed me. My collarbone break: I was ridding with others in the woods but I was off by myself as I didn't want to go as fast as them as I was pretty tired. I made a stupid mistake and grabbed too much front brake, high sided and landed on my shoulder breaking my collarbone. I was able to walk maybe halfway out of the woods with the adrenaline and then it wore off and I had to sit down. Was never able to get up again without feeling like I needed to pass out. I waited maybe 5 minutes before my friends finally found the bike, I heard them talking and then they quickly found me. They had to go down to the house and guide the ambulance in as it is deep in the woods. If I had been by myself, as one of my friends oftens rides out there by himself, I don't know how they would ever have found me. Same place a friend ran into a tree after losing control and broke his back. It still took a good bit of time for us to find him as they rode a bit before they ever noticed him missing and then he never really even made it to the trails. He ran off the road leading in and they just decided to back track after some time of not being able to locate him. He is paralyzed from his waste down but if by himself, I don't know how long he would have been there. For you I think you have already decided to ride by yourself but I think the constant phone check ins very often is a good idea!!!
  9. Lasik

    Getting Back On The Horse

    The front locker comment is priceless Congrats on getting back out there. All I can add is to say it is tough for everyone. My collarbone is at the 6 month mark. 3 months post surgery and I still can't decide 100% what I am going to do. I ride Street everyday and am looking at a track day next month. I never stopped Street, even with the broken collarbone I was riding after only a month. After surgery I was back on again after a month. Dirt is in my blood and love it but not sure just yet so congrats to you for getting back out there!
  10. Lasik

    Riding while pregnant

    We all know that our sport is something that most people see as an unnecessary risk for men/women pregnant or not. They don't understand why we do what we do and explaining it will never work. To me a woman who rides can't be explained and a pregnant woman who rides can''t be explained either. We all get on our bikes each time knowing we could end up dead, broken back, etc. While your choice may not be to ride while pregnant, it doesn't mean that should be someone elses choice. Just like the person who chooses to not ride a bike at all doesn't mean we can't. Simply mowing the lawn can be too much at some point in the pregnacy for some. For others they could be in the gym body building right up to the end. We are all different and have to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. Oh, Congrats...
  11. Lasik

    wr250f vs wr450f

    Diff between 250f and 450f. I have a wr250f and my friend has a crf450 I have a GSXR1000 and he has a yzf600r My wr250f is like his yzf600r and his crf450 is like my GSXR1000 when it comes to power and when. The 450 has instant tree jerking tq right off throttle just like my 1000. The 250 you have to wind it up to get the power just like the yzf600. Is one better than the other? In my opinion it is all in how you use it and where. On the highway I can just blow by him on my gsxr like he was standing still. In the tight turns I have to do everything right to keep up with him. Just like on the 250-450 comparison. When they get out on the powerlines I don't even try to keep up, in the woods I stay right there. For me I don't need the extra power of the 450 but I can see how it would be awesome and addictive. My friend with the 450 likes my 250 for its handling just like his 600. I don't think either is better, on a Street track you will see guys hate 1000 cc bikes because they pass them on the straights and then just get in their way in the turns. If you are allowed to pass in the turns the 600's make it up right here. I did gear my 250f down a little to help with the hills and such, have yet to try it out. My GSXR is gear down also for quicker take offs as stock they are geared more for top end, I never see that end of the speedometer so it doesn't matter to me. Good luck!
  12. Lasik

    Shameless Plug for Dr Mark.

    I would like to +1 to this thread! It is hard to express the frustration you feel when you know something needs to be done and all the doc's you go to don't even want to do it much less if they will do it right. I hope I don't have any more injuries but if I ever do I can 100% say that unless it is required immediately I will go to Dr. Mark in the future. He seems to go the extra mile when others may try to get away with less. Your 2 loops of wire, my 10 screws. I have seen enough skimping by doctors to know he doesn't. Thanks again Doc!
  13. Lasik

    Clavicle plate?

    Tomorrow makes 11 weeks for my clavicle surgery. The area directly around the plate just recently stopped hurting from the touch. The shoulder, chest, trapezius muscles are constantly tight and down right sore. The shoulder area still feels weird, I guess numb would be it even though I can feel things and it still feels kind of clammy. The deltoid area is probably the most annoying area and I still sleep on my back. If I sleep on my right side (left clavicle operated on) I wake up and my muscles have tighten in this position and makes it worse. I didn't have surgery until it had been broken for 3 months so mine was a result of atrophy. I consider myself lucky though. I know a guy at my bike shop who had a torn ligiment from his clavicle and all the hospital caught was the broken clavicle. When they finally discovered it he had actually completely lost the muscle. The back of his arm looks like he had a big piece of the arm removed but it was just the result of atrophy, nasty! Dr. Mark put a huge plate on mine with 4 screws on each side of the transplanted bone and then 2 into the transplanted bone itself making 10 screws total. I think this has helped a lot with being able to get back to a normal life quickly. I don't try to over do the muscles but I can say I worked out this morning with 90lbs butterfly, bench and am curling 15lbs, military press 25lbs etc and doing the military press 30 times at once and all the rest 15 times. Don't want to over do it and strength wise even with the bad arm it feels like I could lift more. Give it time! Oh and I am 37
  14. Blue Book for a 2000 is a little over $3000. Check this bike out a 2003 sv650 race bike that he wants $3700 for. http://www.dcsportbikes.net/forum/showthread.php?p=321242#post321242
  15. The SV650 and 1000 are awesome bikes. Many use them at the track. The VTwin has great low end torque and they handle the corners extremely well. The guy I know who has one use to own a GSXR600 but he felt uncomfortable on it. He has told me that on take off up to about 3rd gear he can hang or even beat the 600's but then their power comes on and they pass him. Many on here have the SV. They even make fairings if you don't like the naked look. I personally dont think you can go wrong with an SV...