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  1. jbranam

    Good deal?

    Good deal....I purchased a new left over 2004 in Jan for $4200 and thought that was a good deal at the time. Follow the break in proceedures in the manual and it should be fine. Enjoy...........!!
  2. jbranam

    Need some help.

  3. jbranam

    Need some help.

    I am new to this stuff so please excuse this question.....I'm still learning. Should I use Honda GN4 10w-40 or Honda HP Trans Oil 80w in the tranny? The manual recommends 10w-40 but I thought you normally use Trans oil in a tranny not motor oil...what gives? Thanks in advance. Oh....and by the way.... I LOVE my new X, I just wish the weather would cooperate a little more so I could skip more work and ride!!!
  4. jbranam

    Looking for a new CRF250X?

    Just to let everyone know ASK Powersports in Grove City Ohio has two 2004 CRF 250X's still in stock. I purchased mine for $4200 last week. Just thought I would advise, I though it was a pretty good deal for a new bike. Yea I know they are two years old but they are still new. Feel free to call me if you have any questions. By the way I am not a dealer or affiliated in anyway with ASK I just wanted to get the word out. Glenn Branam Columbus Ohio Cell #614-563-5756