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  1. 4dirtrippn

    former DRZer wanting opinions on 08 KTM 530 EXC

    You gotta be kidding me with that comment.
  2. 4dirtrippn

    2009 Honda and KTM dual sports?

    I have a 2007 KTM 525 EXC and do a lot of similar riding that you are talking about. I am 35 years old and came from the old air cooled Honda era, but I tell ya, I LOVE my KTM!! Great bike for having a helluva lot of fun, really reliable and probably one of the best dualsports out there for real dirt riding.
  3. 4dirtrippn

    KTM guys: What should I get???

    Well, KTM is relatively a new player here in north america, most of the really old KTM's are found in Europe. That aside, I have a 07 525, and I love it, I weigh 225lb. My bud just bought an '03 525 and got a great deal on it, and it rocks, I rode it and can't tell the difference between it and my '07. I have also heard that even the older 520's are really good and reliable. Have fun looking!
  4. I've had a DRZ400 and currently own a plated KTM 525. I also do similar style of riding as you do, with some navigational rallies included. The DRZ just plain sucked for power and handling, very top heavy, but fairly maintenance free (other than trying to keep upgrading the damn thing to find the power). The KTM just rocks. Awesome handling, tough as nails, fun as hell. The '08's are easier to change the oil now as there is only one filter. The maintenance in the KTM's are not more than other bikes, like one guy said, it's pride and ownership. Have fun shopping!
  5. 4dirtrippn

    2003 KTM 250 EXC 4-stroke

    I have a 2003 250 exc-f as well as an 07 525. My 250 I use as a playbike and I love it. It takes a beating and I find it rips pretty good hauling my 225lb ass around. I have had no issues with mine so buy it and have fun!
  6. I am in the process of buying a 2003 KTM 250 exc four stroke in great shape as a second playbike (I have a 07 525). Anyone know about any issues with this model I should be aware of? Thanks
  7. Yup, I agree with Mike, they make it very easy to maintain, can do the valves easily and quickly yourself. The schedule they give is a bit crazier than required, unless you are actually racing the bike all the time.
  8. 4dirtrippn

    What does KTM stand for?

    Kills Tiny Men
  9. Yup, had all those issues with my 2007 525 exc, ran it for a few good runs, about 6 hrs, then the dealer did its de-restricting magic and viola! Hog-rippin' good times. Gotta change that crap gearing also, i jumped to 14/48 and it made a huge difference, but still lots of speed on the pavement. The overheating totally goes away also after de-restrictions. Have fun! I love the new look of the '08's!!
  10. I had a DRZ400, liked it, but now own a '07 KTM EXC. No comparison really, I use the bike to go to and from work, about 20min on a freeway each way. The DRZ definitely needs another gear to help it on highways, because when you gear it tall enough for highway, it has absolutely no bottom end. The stock ktm '07's come geared really nicely for road, 15/45, and the bike still has gobs of power in the dirt. The service intervals are way overblown like the other chap said, I know many people with the same bike and dont do any more maintenance than anyone else. The KTM is an awesome ride and will last forever, it's worth the extra dough and it's resale value will be higher.
  11. 4dirtrippn

    KTM 525 EXC sm versus Drz400 SM

    I agree, the cc's concept is simple. I also agree that my DRZ didn't have'a pile' of mods, but it had enough to wake it up from stock mode. My whole point here is that the KTM 450/525 out of the box is a faster bike, without doing the 'piles of mods' required of a DRZ. Also, I have nothing bad to say about my DRZ, it just didn't have the punch I wanted. The KTM does, and without having to research millions of ways to make it better.
  12. 4dirtrippn

    KTM 525 EXC sm versus Drz400 SM

    Didn't Suzuki wait 5 years to release the SM version of their DRZ400? KTM already has a line of supermotos, ie 625SMC. KTM is known for having specific bike models, and a 525 supermoto from the factory wouldnt make sense, especially since they already sell a set of supermoto rims for their bikes in the HardParts catelogue.
  13. 4dirtrippn

    KTM 525 EXC sm versus Drz400 SM

    I had a DRZ with piles of mods and now own a 525. The 525 stock anhiliated my DRZ, hands down. The valves on the 525 are really easy, no shims and even though I check them every 15-20 hours, I haven't had to make an adjustment yet! When I think of all the time spent trying to mod my DRZ or dreaming of more power, it takes much less to check my valves every once in a while on the 525, then go on a much more wild ride.
  14. 4dirtrippn

    Were is the DR Z400 power?

    I had a DRZ400 for one year, did the jetting, 3x3 and still thought it was a slug. Traded it in for a 2007 KTM525...not even comparable. The 525 has the hit and power that I wanted, as well as now being street legal. I think the DRZ's are going to have to change considerably in order to sell in the future.
  15. 4dirtrippn


    I got the 2005 400 SM and totally love it also, but I did the 3x3 mod and rejetted with the specific DJ kit,..didn't find a big difference, but better throttle response and seemed more reliable starting. Don't expect a new bike after rejetting, just a smoother starting/driving bike. I'm told I gotta get upgraded exaust to really feel a difference in the power.