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  1. I quit smoking last year and bought myself a brand new DR-Z400S as a reward. On my first ride I pulled up to the stop sign at the end of my block and went to make an easy turn. I didn't roll on the gas soon enough as I leaned the bike and, without any forward momentum, my shiny new bike and I fell over like a head-shot Taliban. Fortunately there was no serious damage and no-one saw me (I think).
  2. I had the same problem with my first ever pair of MX boots. Lifting your left leg to upshift is not condusive to controlled riding! I found that if I loosened the ankle buckles a little it gave me enough flex to make shifting easier. It also became easier to shift as the boots broke in and loosened up a little. I also mastered hooking the front part of the sole (the part that extends out from the front of the boot) under the shifter and using that to upshift, instead of the top of the boot.
  3. Please forgive me because I am going to ask a stupid question... Where is this regulator/rectifier of which you speak. Great post, by the way!
  4. Interesting post. Thanks for the heads up. I was gonna take my bike out there for its first service just because of Mark, but now he's not there I will have to reconsider. Do you have any idea why he left or where he went? Since Orca Bay is literally down the street from me I will probably take it there just for the sake of convenience. But I will definitely make some phone calls and get a price quote in advance. Where did you end up getting the work done? Mongoose in Poco is pretty good at machine work.
  5. I was actually surprised by the traction after all the negative stuff about the tires I've read here. No problems and it was pretty muddy up there. I have laid it down on wet grass once already, though. Soft landing, fortunately. I put you on my buddy list and I'll fire you a PM before the next ride.
  6. Hi Lloyd, I have only had the bike for a month so any mods will be made after the warranty runs out. I am also a novice rider so the bike in stock form has more than enough power for me! Next spring I will be looking to add some power so I'll be sure to post. Do you get out riding much? I was up Burke Mtn on Sunday. Didn't make it past the snowline but found some neat side trails to explore.
  7. I will do that when the time comes. Thanks for the help.
  8. So all the info on the 3x3 and rejet should be OK for my Canuck bike too?
  9. I have a Canadian spec DR-Z400S. Does it also meet the EPA requirements and/or California emissions even though it is sold in Canada?
  10. What's CAM II?
  11. Thanks for all the responses. I think I will run a tankfull of regular 87 octane under different riding conditions and see what happens. Worst case is it will ping and knock a little and I will know to use mid-grade.
  12. When I picked up my 2006 DR-Z400S from the dealer, the service manager told me to use mid-grade (89 octane) gasoline. The owners’ manual says I can run regular (87 octane). Even the sales brochure says 87 octane is OK due to the lower compression ratio than the E model. My question is: Should I really be using the higher octane fuel just because I was told to or should I go with the manufacturers recommendation?
  13. The short answer to your question is "no"! I'm a novice rider and am happy with the power of the bike just stock. It's nowhere near broken in and still under warranty so I don't want to go nuts with the mods right off the bat. That said, I see there are tons of mods to be made when I am ready and am taking notes! More power is GOOD! The tires gotta go ASAP and get replaced with knobbies. I have laid it down once in mud and once in wet grass. No damage, fortunately.
  14. Thanks for the responses but you guys are about 3 weeks too late! I have 200km on the bike already and just passed my learners skills test on Friday so I can ride without a "supervisor" I love the bike and would recommend the DRZ and Richmond Motorsport to anyone.