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  1. starsvw

    Frame Crack??

    Just find someone who knows how to weld, can't take much more than 5 minutes if you have it ready. if you were in Idaho I would do it for you. Welded up a crack on my pops '67 CB450ss when I took it down to the frame....... Most muffler shops I have been to use mig welders
  2. starsvw

    Frame Crack??

    weld it! I wouldn't leave a crack in the frame especially since you have it tore down!
  3. starsvw

    DR 650 Suspension update (shock)

  4. starsvw

    DR 650 Suspension update (shock)

    and the cost is.....
  5. starsvw

    Average Main Jet Size

    with said modifications, what is you MPG now? thanks
  6. starsvw

    Trailtech & Electrosport speedos...

    I have read somewhere (and I am an admittedly newbie here) that there has been some question on how accurate the tach feature was. Do you feel that it is accurate. Another post, not sure if it was here or not, someone stated that they felt it was reading low in the RPM. Thoughts?
  7. starsvw

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    Thankfully my pops seemed to have a "spare" untried motor laying around.... we shall see.......
  8. starsvw

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    Not really dumb but kind of funny in retrospect. Have my fathers 1967 CB450 ss that he bought new. Spent all last summer rebuilding it, sandblasting and repainting the frame, finding the few missing parts,(fork seals that the local honda dealer had been holding for 13 years) rebuilt the carbs, welded the cracked frame ect. Got it running sweet, insured and ready to roll. Had taken it around the block previously and was looking forward to the adventure. On its first run the mechanism in the tranny snapped leaving me stuck in third gear. Spent 2 months or so working on it and about 24 months finding misc. parts and got to ride it all of 40 minutes! Problem is that there are no parts for internals anymore! So now it sits pretty but unridable. Pops is trying to get someone who is familiar with the old dog to tear into her. DOHC, horizontally split twin. (not my cup of tea. Oh well!
  9. starsvw

    Oil Cooler protection?

    my concern is tipping over and smashing the cooler. Most other models have some sort of guard/protection. The DRZ, KLR, XR and I was wondering if anyone made a replacement guard for the DR.
  10. starsvw

    Oil Cooler protection?

    Wondering if anyone makes a better guard for the oil cooler on the dr 650? Cant seem to find anything about it and if I go with this bike I am concerned that it would be damaged when it goes over. thanks
  11. starsvw

    The TE610

    now that is service! I would like to see on eof the big 4 do that.....
  12. starsvw

    Discussion: The Husky TE as a DS

    So I have heard on the 410/510's.. what about the 610? Seem to recall that someone stating that they didn't shift into 6th until about 70.
  13. As crappy as it sounds all I can hope is that they will figure it out and fix the defective issues. I had a similar problem with VW on my 2003 TDI beetle. Two injector pumps wentout and everytime they got their grubby mits on it it was worse. I eventually traded it in afet VW of america would not do anything about the problem. I am very interested as the TE 610 is on my short list, bit it does cause some concern for the general public. I know biddog has had a good experience but hearing of CDI's frying scares me.... just my concerns and thoughts.....