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  1. mustangGT89

    Lets see pics. of ur 80/100s

    Here's mine Before After It's a 1996 xr100 by the way.
  2. mustangGT89

    carb problems

    If you say yours doesn't do it well either, I'll just leave it alone. I would probably just make it worse if I go messing with it. Thanks again for the replys.
  3. mustangGT89

    carb problems

    Ok, I though it used to do it, but I probably just hadn't ever tried it before I noticed it didn't do it. Now I won't mess with the carb any. Thanks for the quick reply. Now I am just going to paint it.
  4. mustangGT89

    carb problems

    I have a 1996 xr100 and that used to always run great. Then it started hesitating and stalling if i tried to go from idle and whack the throttle open it just sputters down and dies. I cleaned the carb and put in a new spark plug but it still does this. If I give it gas a little slower it will rev up just fine, or if it is a little above idle it can be revved up to full throttle fine. Anyone know what I need to adjust to help this? Also, when it does this a little gas is sprayed back toward the breather.