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  1. chicken Mike

    Hi-Point Boots Still Available

    MSR and alpinestar stopped importing them. I have done alot of searching and all I found is www.vintageiron.com
  2. You may know them as Hi-Point Champions, Hi-point Super Victorys, Alpinstars Victorys, Hi-Point Pro GP's or the boot that Bob Hannah made famous, but whatever you call them, they are considered by many the best motocross boot ever made. Full-grain leather, No plastic, Metal shin plate, Elastic Gator top,(old school guys know what i mean). Remember that old floppy catchers mitt, Thats how Hi-Points Feel . Maximum ankle movment so no more stiff ass (missed a shift) boots. The Folks at VINTAGE IRON remember the good old days. www.vintageiron.comwww.vintageiron.com
  3. chicken Mike

    New bike blue's ???

    I rode my new yz450f for the first time today. Headed across the pasture 1st gear, i was digging it so W.f.O. 2nd 3rd & 4th gear backed her down and headed home. came to a complete stop and fell over with the bike on top of me,,, Hold up' I used to ride 500's, Jumping in and out of monster sand bowls (Glamis) Raceing at carlsbad and corona and im riding like a FN squid Whats up...it been 22 years ago..The new bikes have a tall seat height... Im 5' 4'' short...and 43 years old! But...I'll shave the seat and learn to get used to all that power...so...Give it time and take it easy and before You know it you'll be KICKIN ASS!!!