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  1. Etai-DRZ

    Service manual download

    Does somebody have a link or willing to send me the service manual for KLX250 or KLX300, please? A friend of mine has a problem and we need the service manual to solve it. I really need your help, but I don't have money to buy it ( I live in Israel).
  2. I noticed a few stuff that may need attention to prevent bigger damage. My bike is a 2003 DRZ-400S that did 15000 Kilometers. The problems are: 1) The engine ticks, I can't figure out from where exactly the noise is coming. 2) Sometimes when I lower gears (from 3rd and below) It doesn't work. I press the gear lever and the it turns, but not lowering the gears. Only after a few times it works again. 3) when I put in neutral and release the clutch lever, another noise I don't know how to describe is added to sound of the bike 4) If accidently, when I change from 1st to 2nd gear I don't pull the lever enough and it goes to neutral, after I press again the clutch to change it to 2nd gear and pull the lever more, I hear an impact sound from the gearbox. normally if it happens I slow and then pull the lever and then its OK. Can you please help me from your experience?
  3. Etai-DRZ

    Very disturbing thing I saw

    Thanks for the information, I decided to check it on the next big treatment to the bike, Since I live in a pretty warm place (Israel), no salt here.
  4. Etai-DRZ

    Very disturbing thing I saw

    Last time I greased the seals of the front and rear wheels I noticed there is a small groove in the metal but not too deep. I havn't changed the sprocket yet so I don't know what is going on there Do you think I need to disassemble the sprocket and check it or leave it?
  5. Etai-DRZ

    Very disturbing thing I saw

    While surfing E-bay for parts I saw link of one of the products refering this http://uk.geocities.com/miscellania@btinternet.com/html/drz_spacers.html Is that true? has anyone had problems with this oil seal?
  6. Etai-DRZ

    Clutch problem (I suppose)

    Another Question: How do I clean the oil filter?
  7. Etai-DRZ

    Clutch problem (I suppose)

    In Israel they sell the plates indevidually. I ask about buying only one because that parts here are 2 times expensive than in TT oem store and I want quick fix until I will buy a whole set on-line. for example: in TT oem store they sell each plate for $9.76 and in israel the price is $20.61 (not including VAT).
  8. Etai-DRZ

    Clutch problem (I suppose)

    Thanks again for your help. An hour ago I opened that clutch cover and disassembled the plates. It seems like the driven plates (steel ones) are fine - no distortions, and most of the drive plates (fiber ones) are also fine - their thickness is 3 mm and the service manual says the service limit is 2.62. But, now we get to the bad part, the springs are done (I think this what caused the problem) - they are 1-1.5 mm under the service limit and the top drive plate is done on one side - it has become silver, no fiber left. This plate is the one that touch the preassure plate which also seems a little burnt. Attached photos: My questions now are: 1. Can I replace only one drive plate? 2. Do I need to replace the preassure plate? 3. Do you think its the springs who caused the problem since they havn't done their job well?
  9. Etai-DRZ

    Clutch problem (I suppose)

    Thanks guys, Soon I will put the bike on the side and open the cover to check the clutch. Another questions: 1) Why do I need to flush the engine couple of times with oil? 2) Which plates need to be replaced and where to buy on-line?
  10. Etai-DRZ

    Clutch problem (I suppose)

    Today I took my bike for a ride and got stuck in the mud in the middle of nowwhere. In order to get myself out I had to "battle" the mud and the bike for two hours. when I got out of the mud I tried to ride my bike and noticed that the clutch connects now only in the end of the lever and when I try to throttle the revs. are going up but the speed is not, seems like the clutch is slipping. I Think I burnt the clutch, what do you think? If I burnt the clutch what I need to replace? Do I need to drain the engine oil to check the clutch? Is it ok to open only the round clutch cover? Can a clutch lever tensioner tweak fix the problem? P.S. The bike I own is a DRZ400-S 2003.