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  1. I`m about to get the CRF250 08, but recently i have read (Motocross Digital) that the 08 can be difficult to start, have some of you with 08 bike had that problem? I now hava a CRF450 06, so i am familiar with 4 strokes... Thanks for reply`s
  2. Nikolai

    2008 CRF250R and CRF450R

    In Norway, the CRF250 comes fore sale in the first part of oct.
  3. Nikolai

    Arrow Exhaust?

    I have Arrow on my CRF450 (garage for pictures) and it`s a real difference in performance in the low-end to mid, the bike pull mush more out of corners and so on...
  4. Nikolai

    08 at Budds Creek???

    The ones that Factory Honda uses....
  5. Nikolai

    06 crf250r

    Is there any big or important changes from 06 to 07?
  6. Nikolai

    Lets see those 450's!

  7. Nikolai

    Everts Coming to American

  8. Nikolai

    Phoenix Torrent

    Thanks from Norway. The AMA series is premium
  9. Nikolai


    I know that feeling a litle to well, i`ve crashed like that 3 times this year, no broken bones I landed at the end of the jump, and then bounced up (like you).... and landed sideways... I have now a bit more speed insted, so i can jump the entire jump Hope you heal up well, Casey
  10. http://www.motodrive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26111
  11. Nikolai

    Bad Habit = Bad Crash

    I have the exactly same problem, my rear end is bouncing from left to right, sending me right into the ground. This has happend 3 times this year, ending in 2,5 months with realy bad shoulder and ribs. I think it happends when my feet is not properly placed on the pegs, one boot beeing slightly more forward or bakcward then the other boot, but i`m not shure, since i`m trying to focus on that. I have also tried to land whit the trottle on, but that is just reasulting in even more dramatic crash... i need help...
  12. Nikolai

    favorite picture

    Me in Vistergropa, Sarpsborg Norway http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=27391
  13. Nikolai

    Big Time Alessi Fan

    Quit naging about Alessi, anybody can make mistakes.... instead, show your selfs has grown up men, and "give him a hug" like Ryan...