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  1. Hello all I plan to change the horrible stock exhaust of my Adventure by a KTM Enduro 94dB exhaust. I will open just a little the airbox also (remove the intake flat tube). I'm looking for the jet sizes of 640 LC4 that are using Mikuni carb. Is this available somewhere? Thanks Loic http://chevaliernoir.over-blog.fr
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    KTM 640 Adventure still available?

    690 Adventure? With injection and without kick, can we really call it Adventure? -- Le Chevalier Noir
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    a lot of tech questions about DR-Z

    I've bought a DR-Z400s 03 but I have no documentation, so I have a lot of questions ( I found some answer already in this forum. thanks!) oil level must be done with cold or hot engine? (I imagine it's hot) To check the level, do we need to screw the jauge or not? When do we have to drain the oil? When to change the oil filter? what is the valve clearance? I : 10/15; E : 15/20 ? when to check it? what are the jet size (standard configuration, in order to see if it has been changed or not) What is the standard tunig of suspensions (hydrolics looks very good, but I must adda a lot of preload in the rear... previous driver have probably short legs...) What is the standard sprocket size? the fuel tank is 10 liters? Is this include reserve? I have an aluminium plate below the engine, between the 2 frame tubes. Is it standard or an option? That's all for today. Thanks!