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    riding my atv and dirtbike
  1. deweyman72

    what would be better motor rebuild

    i have a yoshi trc full exhaust k an n filter prm rev box stage 3 jet no lid planning on getting new valves and cams to when i figure out what motor rebuild im trying to build the motor for spring time to race cross country if that helps any
  2. deweyman72

    what would be better motor rebuild

    oh i was reading were it said you can only use the stroker crank with whit the stroker piston
  3. what would be the better motor rebuild to get the most power out of a 2006 kfx 400 the the hots rods stroker crankshaft and stroker piston or the wesico 440 big bore kit
  4. deweyman72

    rear brake disc hub removal (kfx400)

    it is bent and i have another axle with the hub on it but the old axle is bent so i just need to switch the hubs out
  5. i was wandering if anyone knows how to remove the rear brake disc hub off the axle of a 06 kfx400 ive tried beating on it twisting on it heating it up then beating on it just cant seem to get it off
  6. deweyman72

    Best kfx 400 Exhaust

    i have the trc and i love it gave me so much low end and sounds so nice
  7. deweyman72

    Kawasaki kfx400 axle

    i just bought a 06 kfx 400 the other day and got home and relized the rear axle had a little bend and i found a used dura blue axle off a 2004 ltz 400 and was wondering if it would fit on my 06 kfx
  8. deweyman72

    Turbo WR450 SM

    do you have any videos of the wr
  9. deweyman72

    pics of some raod rash

    trying to fix it
  10. deweyman72

    01 yz250 clutch or trans problem dont know

    i ride on the rode every day to get to the trails
  11. i was riding the other day and the bike running fine and pulling hard and i finnally got on to the street and i just gunned it and it just started slipping like the tire was flat and only the rim was spinning and i checked to see if the tire was flat and it was not but anyways i dont know what the problem could be it is catching every gear but it just feels like it is slipping so could it be the clutch or transmission
  12. deweyman72

    yz 250 oil ratio

    i have had the bike since january and it had a petty nice dent in it and i was running 50:1 and it was running nice and i had the pipe shiped out and repaired put the pipe on it and i have went threw 3 spark plugs in the past week and i have been running 50:1 whaen i change them they were black so i guess i am going to have to rejet them
  13. deweyman72

    yz 250 oil ratio

    what is a good oil ratio for a yz 250 i was told to run 50:1 but i am burning out plugs