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    thinking of trading my 400ex for crf230

    Thanks for the good info. I had a feeling that was the case... never ridden a 230 but just based on price on new ones vs. price on new 400ex... the quad is much more expensive and I am sure there is good reason for that. I was hoping the 230f was good for some intermediate track riding, and I am pretty light for an adult... I am sure it would be ok but the 250x would probably be more what I would be happy with... although reading this forum it seems many are happy with their 230... The 250x although not a track bike, I would think would be more than good enough for a beginner/ ( would rate intermediate on my quad but don't have the technique yet for bikes around corners etc. ) and also be fun on trails and such... the price is pretty high and seems like I would have to stay on top of the maint. almost close to if it was an R. I would think if someone that is my weight rides the crf230 pretty hard on a track it would still be fun and how bad could the suspension really be vs. the 400ex? Well the guy that is interested in the trade is waiting to hear from me.. only way to know for sure is to go out and ride it and see. I think now I am leaning on just keeping my quad but we will see.
  2. Hi folks, this is my first post on this forum. I found this forum trying to get info on the crf230. I currently have a 2001 400ex quad that has been a lot of fun but thinking about switching to two wheels. I was thinking about the crf250x but I am not very mechanical and since I don't have a lot of experience with two wheels I thought the crf230 would be a good bike. I am 34 years old 5'10" and 150lbs. My wife may want to try it and I think this would be a good bike we could both use. She is 100lbs soaking wet. I found a guy in my local area that is interested in a trade straight accross for his 2005 230. I ride my quad very hard on the smaller types of tracks and I even purchased a 2001 Suzuki RM125 that I had for two years to try two wheels. The bike was very fast and a lot of fun but ended up selling it because you really need to know about bikes ( fixing fork seals/ top ends / mixing oil / jetting / etc ) or it gets expensive having the dealer do that kinda stuff... I guess my question is... is a 230 going to be much less power than my 400ex... I am hoping not because of course the quad weighs more... I will certainly ride the 230, maybe even tmr, but trying to get some opinions on the performace difference from maybe someone that has had some time on a 400ex and also time on a 230. Thanks very much for any info you have on this. Oh I ride mostly on small tracks, occasional trails and I have visited Pismo beach once since I had a quad and everyone says thats where quads are a lot of fun... I doubt the 230 would be very fun in the sand however but that is ok... Thanks again.