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    2018 Yamaha Yz First Look

    What I'm asking is with all the changes they made to the transmission, wider gears and such....do you think the gears from the 17fx will fit in the 18 yz....I don't think it is likely but hoping I'm wrong...I've been running a hybrid gearbox for years and I too think it is excellent, better than either the yz or the fx!!!

    2018 Yamaha Yz First Look

    I sure do hope so!!! I would even take the yz this year if I could change the gearbox to the fx or use a hybrid of the two......I don't think it will work...what do you think Gray??? Is there a chance it might work? Was planning on replacing my bike this year and don't really want to wait another year for the fx........might have to go orange....was that out loud? crapppp! Getting tired of waiting!
  3. What are you going to use for a stator? No one makes one with any kind of power to speak of......

    Symptoms of bad rings/piston

    That year of kx250 came with the wrong needle in it and caused a lot of problems.....You need to replace the NAHF needle with a NALF and put it in the second from the top position, 48 pilot and depending on your elevation 158 (4000ft) 165 (Sea level) run a good group 5 ester based synthetic such as Klotz kl300 or Redline and mix it 32:1. DON'T USE ETHANOL FUEL. Change the sparkplug to a B8ES. You will never foul another plug! The knocking noise has me concerned however, the powervalve is fairly noisy and so is the clutch throwout bearing, and that could be what you are hearing. Also as the exhaust flange gets worn the exhaust pipe can knock or rattle as well and can be fixed with new parts and some ultra copper rtv silicone.
  5. Don't be so quick to rule out the AP. Make sure you check it before ruling it out! Because the bike has beem sitting so long, a plugged up AP circuit would be much more likely than an electrical problem!
  6. Your acc pump circuit is plugged. I see this all the time. You can easily check this by removing the airboot, look down through the carb bore and pull the throttle. You should see a steady stream of fuel spraying into the intake tract. If you dont you need to disasemble the carb and concentrate on the accell pump passages.

    confusing situation.

    Did you lap the steel valves to the valve seats? If not they are leaking! yes, a stretched timing chain can make the timing marks appear to be a half tooth off but it shouldn't change everytime you check it. As a rule of thumb the timing chain should be changed at regular intervals.

    WR450 AIS removal kit?

    The plug is only part of the gytr kit as it comes with a pilot jet, main jet, and air jet, and a performance needle. The kits do vary but work extremely well!

    06 yzf450 Help cant Figure it out.

    Replace the o ring gasket on the slide plate and make sure the plate intself isn't cracked. Use a magnifying glass and make sure! I have fixed several yz's that have had the same problem, and also make sure the acc pump nozzle is squirting fuel!
  10. CROGGR

    2011 450 bog of idle

    Get the 3 it has an adjustable leak jet that works wonders went set up right!
  11. CROGGR

    I cheated

    This is correct! However, you can extend your clutch actuator arm and reduce the clutch pull.
  12. O.K. I'll pick the 350sx........ 2 stroke, oh wait they don't make one. I really hope the KTM engineers are reading this! 2 stroke big bore please!
  13. CROGGR

    Mechanical Problems This Year

    Now that's something I not only would love to see.....but, I would ditch a couple of house payments to buy a new 350sx or 400sx two stroke or even better a 350xc or 400xc with six speed, counter balancer, and leave the carb...don't want the problems or the weight of fuel rejection er, i mean, injection!
  14. CROGGR

    YZ125,KTM150,or KX250F?

    You have to remember that the KTM's have an adjustable power valve which isn't always set at the optimum setting for everyone. They vary from the factory quite a bit. If the power valve is adjusted correctly it revs to the moon and still has good usable lowend! It is way faster than people think! It is a momentum bike and is not for everyone, but for those who know how to ride it, it is unbeatable! Get one!!!!!!!!