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  1. I have an 04 450 SX that is set up for woods/hare scramble racing in the Southeast (primary riding in Georgia). I have it geared now at 13/52 and 13 oz flywheel weight. Of course, this bike is designed for mx, but i like the close ratio gearing and it is really good in open trails. Now the problem. The current gearing and the flywheel weight works, but first gear is still too tall for me in the really tight woods sections. Maybe I should just get more speed!!!! Any ideas (short of splitting the cases and replacing gears OR selling the bike and getting an EXC) that would help with the tall first gear? I have thought of going to a 12 cs sprocket, but I know it will certainly increase chain wear. Some have suggested an auto clutch too. Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  2. greeneteam

    SERA April 9 Hare Scramble

    Anyone have any information on the SERA hare scramble on April 9 in Billingsley, Alabama? Appears to be a new venue and I am considering the drive over to ride. Also, who on the board will be going? --Chris
  3. greeneteam

    05 250x....should I get one?

    I have read through all of these forums, but REALLY is an 05 250x going to have a higher risk of value problems and/or higher maintenance issues than -- an 05 wr250f? Really torn between these two bikes, but being reliable is one of the things that is very important to me. I will, of course, do the maintenance, but it sounds like there is a lot more maintenance to the 250x. is that true? Any thoughts are welcomed. --Chris