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  1. Hi! I did a search for this and didn't find what I needed. I ordered the Sprocket Specialties 428 conversion for my CRF150 (High comp piston, Powroll cam, Mikuni, BBR pipe, 17's; used for mini roadracing). I let the guys at the shop talk me into stock toothed sprockets even though SS suggests 16/60. When I got them, the sprockets, being for a smaller chain, are much smaller in diameter than the 520 stockers. Will this cause any problems? Can I just run it that way, or should I reorder the 16/60s? Thanks for any input! M
  2. motoboy1m

    Powroll 26mm jetting

    The rev box didn't change anything. I bought a couple larger jets and will continue to jet at the track. I may not even see full throttle in fifth. I never have before, but with the better motor, I may just. THanks for the help! M
  3. motoboy1m

    Powroll 26mm jetting

    Yup, I talked to Powroll today. A jet that large is usually needed for oxygenated fuel. I am not using that, but am using VP 110. It is not, therefore, unheard of. I will continue to get fatter tomorrow. And maybe rejet, too. They also suggested trying the stock rev-box because sometimes an aftermarket box doesn't communicate well with a modified motor (My words, not P'roll's. But, JTFC! They are helpful!).
  4. motoboy1m

    Powroll 26mm jetting

    Well, now I'm really confused. My LBS suggested putting in the fattest jet I had and closing off the airbox little by little with duct tape and if it ran better, It's still too lean. Guess what? It ran better! So I guess I need bigger jets. It just seems wrong to go from a stock setup with a 110 main to a slightly modified engine and a 270+ main. Oh, and the plug is now turning a nice beige with a plug-chop. Back to the shop!
  5. motoboy1m

    Powroll 26mm jetting

    It's 12.5:1 with just a cam and BBR pipe. I pulled the plug and it's white, but not chalky or anything. I didn't do a proper plug-chop anyway. Powroll says to go by the top end sputtering. The jet that Mikuni ships with that carb is a 190, if that makes any difference. Thanks
  6. motoboy1m

    Powroll 26mm jetting

    VM26 Mikuni round slide
  7. motoboy1m

    Powroll 26mm jetting

    I just installed my 150 high comp piston, cam and 26mm Mikuni from Powroll. I can tell it's a ton faster, but the bike stumbles at WOT no matter what main jet I try. I went from the 270 it came with down to 200 and it acts pretty much the same: fine at 1/4 to 3/4 throttle, but stammers/stutters at WOT. Am I hitting the rev limiter (BBR ign box)? Or is it still just too rich? I tried pulling the air filter and it ran about the same. I can find no air leaks. Has anyone else tried this combination? What main jet did you end up with? I don't want to go any smaller without some reassurance. Thanks for your help! Mark
  8. motoboy1m

    LArge gas tank

    Bump ^ Anyone?
  9. motoboy1m

    LArge gas tank

    Has anyone had any success fitting a larger than stock fuel tank to a 150/230? I need a total of 3.5 gallons. IMS makes tanks for the 250. Is there a way to modify one of those to work? I have read about the Acerbis #plate tank, and may use that if I have to, I'd just rather have a single larger tank.
  10. motoboy1m

    BBR Linkage without the triple clamp?

    I put both on my CRF and wound up raising the forks one inch anyway (or back to their original position). However this is for roadracing with 17" front and rear so YMMV.
  11. motoboy1m

    RM80 forks on CRF150?

    I know the popular fork conversion is the CR80/85, but has anyone tried using RM80 forks? Are they comparable to the CR forks? I only ask because I'm sitting on am RM80 parts bike and the CR stuff is getting expensive. Thanks! Mark
  12. motoboy1m

    playin with myTTr 125

    Bare, I can't find your pics at that site??? However I did try to search for "mini" and found a good photo or two.