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  1. I need some purple graphics for my wife's 05 crf150. I have looked in a dozen places but have not had any luck. Do you guys have any ideas?
  2. Let me ask you a few questions. Do you have dirt bike experience? Do you know the difference in a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke? If you do not know please educate yourself and TT can do that in an hour. Determine where and what kind of riding he will be doing. This will help you determine the bike- motorcross or trail or combination. Then let me suggest that you go to CraigsList and see what is for sale in your immediate area. This is to match the price you have in mind for your son's bike and what is available in that price range. You then post a wanted note and ask if anyone in your area would let your beginner son take a ride on some of the 4-strokes mentioned on this thread. You see, only by watching your son's reaction to the bike will determine what he is capable of doing. A small 2-stroke (85) has a lot of power and is comparable to the crf150 in speed but is much more powerful. As mentioned before in this thread- fun speed is faster than scared speed. Height is also important! He will want to touch his feet to the ground on both sides of the bike. On the other hand, do not buy a bike that is too (small such as an 4-stroke crf100) He will grow and it may save you from buying another bike in 2 yrs. Let me clarify this point. Skill can make up for a lot of mistakes- too heavy, too tall, too fast, too powerful. A beginner does not need all these adversities. I would not recommend to anybody that their child take on a bike that is too powerful for them to "grow into" but a bike that is too small is not fun for long. Dad, it is up to you to do your homework (you are at the right place for great opinions and suggestions) but they do not take the place of riding the bike. Go to a local Atv park or where dirt bikers ride and ask for a quick lesson or a ride. Learn what these bikes will do! Get your son on several bikes before you buy and you will buy him the right one!
  3. johnny99

    Which bike to keep xr200 or xr250

    Thanks guys! You have given me great advice but I am no closer than i was before on a descision. So for now... for the first time thinking this out loud ( if that is possible) I am going to keep both bikes! Now to convince my wife I need both bikes. Shouldn't be to hard, just bought her a 05 crf150. That thing is a hoot! Plus when my 8 yr old outgrows the xr80 (in 2 yrs i'm guessing) he can have mom's bike. Cause i will be needing both of mine, there that's settled.
  4. I have to sell one of my bikes. I have a 2000 xr200 and a 2001 xr250. I am 47, 5'11', 185 and can stand flat footed on the 200 but only on my toes on the 250. I ride mostly trails and parks, with a little rock climbing once a year. I feel the 250 is too tall and the 200 is not the bike the 250 is (suspension, brakes). I can only keep one so help me out! What do you think. Thanks J