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  1. Brand New, with a FMF full factory 4.1 exaust. Does anybody have suggestions?
  2. southracer33

    need help

    my brand new 06 crf 450 is not having any oil leaking into that tube that you have to drain on them. Occasionally there will be some foamy oil in there but that is the most ever in the tube. Is this bad, and if so what is wrong with it.
  3. southracer33

    CRF 450 Head Gasket Leak

    Yea i have a brand new 06 with less then 10 hrs. on it. The coolant started to piss out of the overflow tube when i rode it hard and im pretty sure it has somethin to do with the head gasket having a leak.
  4. Could a possible head gasket leak cause this?
  5. it really only does it while im ridin. I can look down while im ridin and it will be flowin out fast.
  6. The bike has been riden 6 times and the last time i rode it, within half a lap almost half of the coolant puked out of the overflow tube. I tried a new cap and different coolants. I checked the water pump and its also workin properly. does anybody know what could cause this?