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  1. I've lost the screws and the nuts used to connect the wires to the battery- i was wondering if any screws and nuts will fit or it has to be specific HONDA hardware, can't seem to find any of these small screws at the home depot..... if anyone has any ideas, thanks.
  2. yeah it sounds perfect when i hit the electric start, like it's going to ..but it never comes through for me... she's a little bit of a tease
  3. won't turn over meaning the bike won't start.... the kickstarter is missing... my dad wanted the extra 3 lbs...ha going to replace the spark plug ... of course im pulling in the clutch!!!!!!
  4. Charged the battery overnight Drained the carb float Electric start won't turn over - tried jumping the bike while the battery was charging Last time I ran it, it bogged and then finally went dead... Might have fouled a plug? Dad's in another state so I'm on my own here Girl in trouble