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  1. Mine did that a couple times `til the charcoal can thing and its plumbing, ah, fell off. And i installed jd jets. Now it runs great alla time.
  2. er, does TE250 have same problem? i bet i should check mine too huh?
  3. Fine. make me do my own research. Online parts manual says my `06 TE250 has .48 fork springs, which I believe are for big, fa—I mean for riders on the more burly side. I weigh like 160, so I guess I need like .42s. Here is question, where to get them?
  4. Is the spring rate stamped someplace on the fork spring or what? Before i go to trouble of pulling one and getting all oily and hurting myself. thanks.
  5. Here's a dumb question maybe. How do you identify the springs? they got the rate stamped on them some place or what? before i go to trouble of pulling one out...
  6. they are up at www.yamaha-motor.com...
  7. Dude, there is a whole big thread on here someplace about that. Balancer I believe came loose, whoops....
  8. any idea what size drill bit you used to get rivets out? I have drawer full of rusty dull bits none of which make much of a dent in those rivets. I may spring for a new bit to make this thing happen tho... what size? thanks. Suppose i could spring for a whole new index but... well...
  9. How's that Scotts oil filter working out? seems like the way to go when changing oil this frequently...
  10. Dunno, but a guy with ad in back of Cycle News might. Off-Road Only 408 979 9796.
  11. what, you can't get an Ohlins fork for a Husqvarna? Or even a Showa off the honda u love? New Yamaha speed-sensitive fork supposed to be best is it not?
  12. hmmm i am trying to visualize how many hoses my bike has. 60 quid seems a bit much... think i will get blue spray can insted. or wrap with blue duct tape.
  13. why not shuffle over to husqvarnausa.com and download it?
  14. Hey did my earlier post get deleted bec. I questioned quality of Harbor Freight merchandise? Their electric impact driver makes an excellent piece of completely useless junk!
  15. HEINEKEN MANEUVER ME!! Made in Germany... listen, i think my POINT was bike shops usu. mark stuff up about 10x. Pep boys and stuff is cool i am sure, but this ktm part is nice cause it's got like the 5 or 6 sizes bikes need, with big easy to read #s so's you don't have to sort thru 25 cheesy inaccurate blades designed for clapped-out Toyotas to find the one u need. Hello...