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  1. any update to this dilemma? i'm looking to dual sport in illinois too...
  2. speedbagger

    Marchesinis on an SMR510

    i've got an 2005 smr with a 5 inch rear and a 160. its close, but it fits fine. no problems here and no additional chain guides. good luck.
  3. speedbagger

    Supermoto wheels for te610

  4. speedbagger

    sm510r info

    supermotojunkie.com check it.
  5. speedbagger

    17 inch wheels

    i can help you out....pm or email me.....check the link: http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=30922&cat=33
  6. speedbagger

    s/m wheels on my te 510 ?

    i can help you.........let me know. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=30922&cat=33
  7. speedbagger

    SMR510 front sprocket

    went factory 1up........got it from halls. fit great.
  8. speedbagger

    Dual Exhaust Benefits?

    you've already got it......although it'll take a heat gun to coax it into shape!!!!
  9. speedbagger

    Aftermarket Slip On Muffler

    check your pm...... i've got a fmf factory 4 for sale.
  10. speedbagger

    Hooking up rear taillight

    if its like my 05 smr 510, its closer to the front of the bike along the spine on the left hand side.......just aft of the rad--if i recall correctly.
  11. speedbagger

    baja design led tail......venting

    yea, i dont know what to say.......this is my first time dealing with them. as far as defective led tails, i'm just relaying what their cusmoter service rep told me. just a little surprised they weren't willing to help me out over a $25 part. thanks for the responses, maybe i'll try mr. roach.
  12. buyer beware when getting an led tail from baja design. a resistor broke off the led board on mine after minimal street sm use (20 hours--maybe). never been down, never roped the bike, never anything but light street use (well, relatively light!)......just vibes from the motor. anyway, called up baja customer support and offered to return the tail for thier inspection. this was declined as apparently they know of the issue and have seen many of these led tails come back with parts broken off the board and not functioning. bottom line: they wouldn't replace/refund the tail light due to it being purchased ~6 months ago (never mind they know about the issue). they didn't want to see it (as stated above--they're aware of the issue). they offered to sell me another led tail (same model) for a whopping $10 dollar discount. question: why would i spend a dollar for a led tail with a history of failures? futhermore, why would i buy anything from a company that knows about a product defect and continues selling it? sorry......had to vent as my sm has been off the road due to this issue for a couple of dayz..........
  13. speedbagger

    difficulty starting new husky

    are you kicking it, e-starting it? is it turning over? did you check the battery charge? i had trouble with mine till i figured-out the battery wasn't fully charged.
  14. speedbagger

    The Huskys are here The Huskys are here

    cool......does anyone know when the SMR510's are coming to the states?