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  1. ? is the rims on the moster mto site cheap?
  2. http://www.monstermoto.co.uk/pages/shop.htm is da cheap?
  3. where can a get a cheap set of red ones? (don t say ebay )
  4. Kwl Gdgd
  5. http://www.ghostbikes.com/pp/DIRT_BIKE/Bulldog_Pitbikes/Pit_Bike_125cc_(_Bulldog_).html
  6. wasn t that just through the christmas break?
  7. soz mes spelling shit i was half a sleep when i wrote it lol k thankz reg
  8. any one here brought 1 off there?
  9. did u pay the price of £264.36 (inc VAT + delivery) ??
  10. the many bad thing sed bout power of road on other forums is this because of christmas rush? an if i ordered one off there, would i definetly get the book ahead price being: Item Selected: RAMPAGE PIT BIKE 110cc Price £264.36 (inc VAT + delivery) ?? thankz in advance
  11. im like 6 stone , im 15 ( im tiny for me age ) lol
  12. how much it cost ya?
  13. thanks 4 da
  14. k , im shower me m8 will do it 4 me , what would you lot say about , http://www.llexeter.com/ishop/1082/shopscr37.html its 300 pound with the delivery and every thing
  15. can t use ebay cause me mutha hates it (heard to many bad things)