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  1. moabrules1

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    I realize this is an old thread but, I wanted to share my Leatt brace story with all my bros here on TT. I feel comfortable calling you guys my bros because if we met, we'd probably get along because we have a common bond which is the love of the moto. It's going to be a little long winded but, I think it's worth reading. Last October, I was getting one of my last rides of the season in. My last session out I come in to this powdery burm and ride it really high. No problem, I lean back wick on the throttle, my handlebars hit the stops twice and I'm driven head first into the dirt and tumble onto my back. First thing I notice is a severe pain in my left bicep, I think I may have broken it but, to my relief I can move my legs. I also have pain in the trap area of the left side of my neck and a tingle in my pointer and thumb. A bystander comes by and I ask him, "dude, is there bone sticking out of my left arm" - he says no while I lay there and try to shake off the blow. After a few he asks if I can get up holding out a hand, - "I guess so", and with his help I get to my feet. The bicep pain goes away. Another guy grabs my bike and pushes it to my truck, I look at it and it's perfect, no damage. As I yank my helmet I notice my face is covered in dirt, some blood out of my nose but, my helmet is intact along with my Leatt, didn't even tear off my visor (you know how easy that is). There is still tingling in my fingers, which kind of worries me. The dude loads my bike and I load the rest of my stuff including my 70 lb tool box into my truck and proceed to make the 30 mile drive home. On the way out, I see a buddy with his friend. His friend was a paramedic and recommended that I get checked out by a doc because of the tingling thing. On the way home, I call my physical therapist bud about the situation - he thinks I may have gotten a stinger - like in football - yeah probably. I get home, neck is hurting more, I leave my stuff in the truck, get out of my gear and into the shower because my face is literally covered in dirt. I almost pass out in the shower, I tell the wife, let's go to the clinic. At the clinic, I start getting tunnel vision again on the exam table, I think it's because I didn't eat since breakfast, the PA gives me a granola bar, all good. The PA comes back with the X rays all freaked. My neck has a displacement in it just like my lower back (I discovered that one 2 yrs ago). He also sees both of my separated shoulders from previous diggers. I've had situations where I'd wake up from sleeping with numb hands - I talk the PA into this theory that the tingling I feel is from my neck being like that - I tell him it's probably due to age and 25 ish years of riding. He lets me go. That night, I have some good pain - keeps me up. I take a neproxin and fall asleep. I wake up feeling pretty good - I drive to the store to get stuff for breakfast - I make my family omlettes. Chilled that day, wife posted pics of me to Facebook with my black eye, kind of a ha ha, hubby needs to slow down because some day he'll really get hurt. By evening, I decline, I don't want to get up, no appetite. Monday morning, I tell the wife - I'm not going to work, feel like crap. Wife comes home for lunch, forces me to the ER because I look like I'm dying, I agree because I'm afraid of a head injury. At the ER, no head injury but, broken facet joint @ C6/C7, docs immediately put me in a neck brace and I visit with a surgeon. 30 hrs later, my neck is fused via surgery. I loose 7 lbs in that week! So over the past 6 months, I'm thinking that my crash defeated the Leatt, I basically pile drove my head in the dirt, plus my Leatt wasn't broken or anything, and I broke my neck! This weekend, I race my car in an autocross (need to race something!), and I need a Snell approved helmet, I grab my moto helmet from my gear bag. It's the first time I really look it over since the crash. I see two scrapes on top where I hit ground, no bremishes on the front of the mouth gard. Upon closer inspection, I'm surprized. I see a one inch crack extending down the goggle opening on the helmet at the mouthgard transition on the right side of helmet and spider web cracking at the other. The reaction forces of the Leatt opposing those of my head trying to be driven into my chest were so great the mouth gard of my helmet cracked. Had I not been wearing my Leatt, my neck would have futilely tried to carry those loads and I'd probably be dead or worse. So, there's a story of somebody landing on their head with some pretty good proof that a product does what it's intended to do. I will wear one again if I return to moto without a doubt.
  2. I thought KTM used that cobra break in oil from the factory and it should be changed out after an hour of run time?
  3. moabrules1

    2013/2014 Remote hot start -KTM 450 SXF ?

    Silver wolf, yes it did work well, in fact, I used it all last season with no issues. The bike I had it on is gone or, I'd send pictures (broke my neck on it last October). To make it work, I had to modify the throttle body plunger to accept the cable end. I substituted the cable elbow with a section of fuel hose I connected between the cable end and the remaining plastic nut from the plunger knob. Good luck!
  4. moabrules1

    2015 KTM 450SXF MXA Test

    One thing though, I thought the KTM press release quoted 60 hp?? I thought maybe KTM was upping the ante since Yam one upped them this year. The mini review made it seem like the motor is unch.
  5. Thanks for the reply man! I take it the "special tool" for holding the engine @ TDC could be substituted with a longer M6 screw or maybe an M6 piece of all thread double nutted or something?
  6. So I just picked up a service manual for my 13 dungey bike and they have the engine out for all engine related repairs. Can you do a top end on these with the engine in the chassis? More specifically, can you pull the head clear with the engine in there? I remember my 08 was nearly impossible to do in the frame so, I'd like to know before I start. Thanks
  7. moabrules1

    magic OIL that we should use ?

    I've run mobil Delvac in all my KTMs since 2008 with no probs (and I've cracked all of the motors open to know).
  8. moabrules1

    Leaky seal. Credit card?

    Not to pee on the parade but, I've never had luck with anything including the Risk tool. Doing seals isn't a huge deal, it's worth it to do it yourself for the following reasons Because its something you'll always deal with as long as you dirt bike You'll turn it around way faster than a dealer/shop You'll do it right, the underpaid tech might not care They come apart just like later model Showa's - There are some helpful tools, main one being the fork du dad which holds the fork center bolt out of the drop out allowing you to remove the damper inside (see rockymountainmc).
  9. Wait a sec, I didn't realize you had the cams detached from the cam gears. There's a tool you can buy from KTM which simulates one of the cam "saddles" for lack of a better word but it has flats that hold the cams in the proper position when you torque them down. I don't know of a good way to pull this off without the tool.
  10. Like the others said, just make your own mark - the piston is locked @ TDC with the bolt "tool" through the case and into the crank right? These things fire at every TDC event, so it doesn't matter as long as the cams are positioned correctly.
  11. moabrules1

    450 Rear Axle

    Does the kit come with the axle for $100?
  12. moabrules1

    450 Rear Axle

    It isn't pressed on it's threaded. Heat it up and unscrew it (it may have Loctite on it). I know this intimately as I've developed a new axle block system for KTMs which you'll hopefully be seeing in the future.
  13. moabrules1

    ktm sxf 350 valves

    Yes they come with Ti Del West stock. Good stuff!
  14. Ah then that's a pretty good deal. A miner ah? I work for FL Smidth, ever come across our stuff?
  15. moabrules1

    Cracked frame

    That's definitely a consideration. In fact, the head stay brackets on my '12 350 cracked from that. I threw a bead down on them to fix, torqued everything up and it was cracked before my next moto session was done. Then I looked up how cheap they are and felt like kicking myself for wasting the time trying to weld them back together.